‘The Good Wife’ Season 5 Finale Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Tonight on The Good Wife finale, Florrick Agos inadvertently finds an open window into the back room politics over at Lockhart Gardner. Using the information they overhear in the LG conference room, Cary and Alicia try to save their firm from Louis Canning and David Lee‘s destruction plot and decide whether a possible merger between the firms can be brokered.

Away from the video prompter, Diane assesses her future career options with the help of Kalinda. Alicia also has an unexpected offer to consider.

Read on to see what firms will remain standing and whose names will appear on their letterhead.

1. LG-C Plans To Take Out Florrick Agos in 48 Hours

The Good Wife

(David M. Russell/CBS)

The first tidbit Florrick Agos overhears in the Lockhart Gardner conference room is a conversation between David Lee and Louis Canning discussing the fall of Alicia and Cary’s firm within the next 48 hours. There’s only two ways this can happen: disbarring Alicia or taking back Florrick Agos’ biggest client, Chumhum. [We should note Clarke Hayden’s (the wonderful Nathan Lane) objection to this spying. That is all.]


Chumhum appears their best bet when Cary spies Mrs. Chumhum a.k.a. Neal Gross’ wife Dina entering the conference room to speak with David and Louis. Unfortunately that conversation takes place off screen, and the topic of discussion remains unknown for the rest of the episode.

2. Jackie and Veronica Throw A Graduation Dinner Party

The Good Wife

(Jojo Whilden/CBS)

Alicia only wanted her mother Veronica to pick up dinner and the cake for Zach‘s graduation party, but as always, Veronica takes matters into her own hands and decides to prepare the meal herself. She gets an interesting assist in the kitchen from Peter’s mother Jackie, who wants to bake the cake.

The two can’t help but trade backhanded compliments, but Veronica really throws Jackie for a loop when she brings up their son and daughter’s new marriage arrangement. Jackie and Peter don’t have the same heart to heart conversations that Veronica shares with her son Owen, who told mommy about sister Alicia staying married to Peter in name only.

Jackie can’t believe it, and she wants to sit down with her son and daughter-in-law as soon as possible (Alicia to Peter: That ain’t gonna happen).


3. Peter Offers Diane Another Job

Remember when Governor Florrick offered Diane a judgeship on the Illinois Supreme Court and then changed his mind for petty reasons? Well, he’s coming back to Diane with another offer, although not as glamorous. When Finn Polmar has to drop out of the race (he bribed a prosecutor once to reduce the charges on his druggie sister), Peter and Eli approach the pre-vetted Diane as their second choice for State’s Attorney. Diane’s no dummy and sees why they came to her, but that doesn’t mean she won’t take it under consideration.

Michelle and Robert King discussed Diane’s trajectory with E! News.

Diane is unique in the sense that she’s not only changed internally by Will [Gardner]’s death, but then there are external circumstances changed dramatically also. She is the one that really has to fight back.

That is until she sees a different opportunity present itself. Staying with LG won’t work, especially with Louis Canning joining as a managing partner or instituting his “nuclear plan” and dissolving the entire firm due to Will Gardner‘s over ambitiousness to open firms in New York and Los Angeles without board approval, the fault of which will now fall to his surviving partner Diane.

So where will Diane take her talents next year? Florrick Agos! And she will bring Kalinda. Creators Michelle and Robert King guarantee the Diane/Kalinda duo will continue, they tell E! News.

“The relationship between those two is just too pure and too great not to continue.”

Think of the dynamics to explore next year: Diane and Alicia (girl power!), Kalinda and Alicia (back together finally!) or Kalinda and Cary (awkward after he learns tonight she’s been exploiting their relationship since he left LG).

4. Alicia and Cary’s Partnership Blows Up

Alicia wants to consider the merger Diane and her discussed shortly after Will’s death, but Cary is not too keen on the idea. The named partners need to discuss the matter privately, but as everyone has noticed, their office provides no such private meeting space. So they head out to the street, and good thing, because the conversation gets heated quickly. Alicia threatens Cary with having the votes necessary to merge their firm with Lockhart Gardner despite his reservations.

Cary won’t go down without a fight, and steps over to the dark side to speak with Louis Canning about avoiding any merger between their two firms. But remember that open camera back in the office? It’s about to bite Cary in the butt. Cary, Alicia and their staff gather around the television to see what Louis, David and Diane are discussing now and that’s when Louis tells them about his meeting with Cary.

Alicia won’t take this argument outside and starts berating Cary on going behind her and the firm’s back. She tells him to go to hell. He tells her that’s her answer to everything, and nothing really gets resolved.

(Are you sensing a trend here? The Good Wife wants to keep you on the edge of your seat until their return next fall.)

5. Alica, Do You Want to Run for State’s Attorney?

Proud mama Alicia makes it to Zack’s graduation just in time to see him crossing the stage to accept his diploma, but she’ll have to quickly say goodbye to him when he takes off for college early. Don’t worry, her nest won’t be entirely empty despite what everyone keeps saying to her. Daughter Grace is still hear. Did people not see her three second appearance tonight?


Exhausted from the day’s events, she slumps down at the dinner table across from Eli Gold, who for some reason remains even though Peter’s no where around. He looks over at her and gets a funny look on his face. He shakes off his thoughts, but then decides to speak up to ask Alicia this question — “Alicia, do you want to run for State’s Attorney?” (Did anyone else think he was going to ask her out? Would that even work with Alicia and Peter’s arrangement?)


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