The Janoskians Movie: Are You Ready?

Yesterday, The Janoskians made a big announcement on YouTube that they’re making a movie. They joked that they’re making a porno flick, but the there is truth to their jokes. The YouTube celebrities have inked a deal with Lionsgate and are making their way onto the big screen. As far as details on what the movie will be about, group member Jai Brooks said that it will be “a semi scripted prank movie, no documentary shit.”

The Daily Dot writes:

They’re one of the biggest stars to come out of the AwesomenessTV teen empire, and they’ve even got AwesomenessTV president Brian Robbins on board to produce the film. Clearly, Lionsgate is hoping that the Janoskians’ fanbase will leap at the chance to see their favorite pranks in movie-length form.

So, are you ready for The Janoskians on the big screen?

For more information on The Janoskians, check out the below links:

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