Tie-Not Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Heavy.com interviewed Scott Smith, one half of the duo behind Tie-Not, which specializes in making tying water balloons simple.

Smith and his business partner, Wayne Sikorcin, came to the Shark Tank on May 16. They showcased what they call the “fastest, easiest to make a water balloon.”

To buy Tie-Not’s products, click here.

Let’s learn more about the company as their episode airs again on December 26.

1. It Helps Tie Water Balloons

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ABC/Michael Ansell

Smith explained how a party fail helped launch the idea:

My buddy who is on the show with me Wayne Sikorcin, invented the product after his wife got him a bag of water balloons for a family party.
He filled and tied like 50 and said “what the heck” there has got to be a better way.

In the video above, you can watch as the Tie-Not stick is attached to a garden hose and a water balloon is filled in less than six seconds.

2. They Were in the Plastic Moldbuilding Business

tie knot shark tank, shark tank season finale products

ABC/Michael Ansell)

The day after the water balloon crisis explained above, the men went to work on the product.

What resulted is the Tie-Not stick, which debuted at the International Toy Fair in New York City in 2010.

As the pair watched their business grow, they realized they needed a bigger business partner.

“We knew as the company progressed we would need a business partner who has experience in building a larger brand. We also knew they venue would facilitate a whole bunch of product awareness,” Smith said.

3. They Play With Water Balloons Every Week

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The men’s love of water balloons is apparent in their creations.

When asked if they played with them as children, Smith answered, “Yes, we both did and we both still do weekly!”

4. The Tie-Not Filler Was Created Later

tie not shark tank, shark tank water balloons, scott and wayne shark tank, shark tank toys


In 2012, they got their patent for the Tie-Not Filler, and launched it at the Toy Fair.

“We haven’t looked back since and now we have about 12 products all water related and some bubble toys for the kids,” said Smith.

Their website is also filled with other water-themed items, such as bubbles and launches.

5. They Were Impressed With How Professional ‘Shark Tank’ Is

shark tank water balloons, barbara corcoran, mark cuban, shark tank investments

Smith was nervous to go on the show at first, but credits everyone there for helping him prepare.

He acknowledged the fact that they all contributed to his success.

They were all great and from top to bottom we were very impressed with the professionalism of the entire show staff. They gave us everything we required to be successful, often speaking with us late into the night to make sure we were prepared.

When asked who his favorite Shark is, he said, “You know before the show I had an opinion, however, now I love them all having met them.”

Interested in Tie-Not? Buy products here.

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