Uma Thurman & Quentin Tarantino Dating? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Former costars and great friends, Quentin Tarantino, 51, and Uma Thurman, 44, have taken a big leap in their relationship.

The two are reportedly dating. Here’s what you need to know about the newest Hollywood couple.

1. They Shared a Villa

Their movie Pulp Fiction was celebrating its 20th anniversary at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. In the above official of the festival, we see them on the red carpet.

Us Weekly reported that the couple shared a villa in the south of France for the event.

2. He Said He’d Marry Her

Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman


When Elle magazine asked which famous women he’d tied the knot with, Tarantino said:

Shotgun to my head? Famous woman? Uma. I don’t know what she’d think about that, but it’s my life that’s at stake in this question.

3. Uma Married 2 Costars

Ethan Hawke uma thurman

Ethan Hawke and Thurman. (Getty)

Thurman has been married to two actors she met on set.

She married Gary Oldman, whom she met on State of Grace, and Ethan Hawke, whom she starred with in Gattaca.

Thurman recently split from her fiancé, French financier Arpad Busson.

Tarantino was never married.

4. They Were in 3 Movies Together

Besides Pulp Fiction, they have shared the screen in 2003’s Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Kill Bill: Vol. 2.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, seen in the clip above, Thurman talked about meeting him for the first time in preparation for Pulp Fiction. She had an eye infection beforehand and was not able to read the script.

“We ended up getting to know each other really well cause I had to kind of talk all the way around the subject,” she said.

5. Uma Says They Are Different

uma and quentin


In an interview with the Associated Press, Thurman said:

I think we’re really different people actually, but that’s what’s fun about talking to each other. We have very different perspectives,” she explained. “He’s a very extroverted, public person. I’m a very introverted person. We’re just very different characters, but somehow or other…



Eli Pierce

Ok. Let’s be real Quentin. You’re an aspie. So are we. Now let’s reason together. You know that your movies are violent. You know that statistics and research show that watching violent films increases violence in society. You also know what research shows. As a fellow aspie we can appreciate your dilemma. You want to create movies that blow the socks off viewers but also want to be socially responsible. We get it. Now let’s consider research: “Watching violent movies really does make people more aggressive – but only if they have an abrasive personality to start with, a study shows.

Bloody scenes do not have the same effect on passive characters who react to what they see on a screen in an entirely different way.

The link between X-rated films and video games and the rise in violent crime has been debated for years so scientists scanned the brains of two very different groups of people to see what happened as they were shown violent images.

In the first study of its kind they found each person’s reaction depended on how aggressive they were to begin with.” OK. So if prisons have any sense whatsover. If SCHOOLS have any sense whatsoever. If families have any sense whatsoever, they will learn to PROHIBIT these types of violent films to people who have been screened as such. But let’s be honest, who is doing this? In this lazy society with so many people distracted and on their cell phones, watching you tube videos, viral videos, their brains fractured and bodies fisted with lies. Oh, you know Quentin. You fellow Aspie. You know. You are obsessed. We get it, But you are squandering your talent. You are not helping people on the spectrum Quentin. And you should be doing this given your gift. Carry on.

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