WWE Extreme Rules 2014: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena (Steel Cage Match)

WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Winner: Bray Wyatt!

Best Moments/Highlights: John Cena started off the match with a headlock on Bray Wyatt, but he soon got put down with a lariat to the back of his head. Bray then launched into a flurry of punches, kicks and taunts on Cena to the delight of the crowd. Cena then recovered and landed a suplex on Wyatt, but was unable to escape after being cut off from leaving the cage by the other two members of the Wyatt Family. Bray caught Cena with a swift jab and then threw him face first into the steel cage. While Bray held Cena’s face on the cage, he commanded Erick Rowan to successfully land an elbow into Cena. Bray then splashed Cena while he was still locked onto the cage. Bray tried to escape, but Cena grabbed him and then threw Bray into the cage himself. Cena tried to escape once again, but was thwarted another time by the Wyatt Family. Bray continued to attack Cena as the crowd chanted for both match participants. Cena got his fire back after a prolonged beatdown and knocked Bray down with a dropkick. While Cena tried to climb over the cage, Bray came back to life with his creepy demon-like walk and tried to leave the steel cage door. Cena jumped back down to stop Bray, but soon got put back on the mat with a flying body press. Both men were eventually laid out after each man launched one another into the steel cage multiple times. Cena came back with a vengeance and soon landed his signature comeback offense on Bray. Bray managed to counter an Attitude Adjustment from Cena by climbing out of his hold and onto the cage. Cena grabbed him though and landed a Sitdown Powerbomb on Bray. Cena tried to escape, but he soon got into a steel cage door power struggle with members of the Wyatt Family. Bray hit Cena from behind, which led to Cena getting smashed in the face with the steel cage door. Bray brought Cena back in for some more pain, but missed a Senton attempt. Cena’s next steel cage escape attempt was stopped by Rowan as Rowan carried him back into the cage. Cena hit Bray with a flying Facebuster and tried to escape again, but was stopped by Luke Harper this time. Harper got dragged into the ring by Cena and more pandemonium ensued. Rowan forced Cena to stay in the cage after threatening him with a steel chair. Bray looked to finish Cena with the Sister Abigail, but he soon fell into Cena’s STF. Bray managed to escape that hold after Rowan’s continued assistance. Bray looked to climb out of the cage, but Cena brought him back to the mat with an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope. Cena’s pin attempt failed though due to Harper’s quick save for Bray. Cena began to battle Rowan and Harper while Bray was still down and soon he managed to make his escape through the steel cage door. The lights suddenly went dark and a creepy singing child forced Cena to stay in the ring. Bray surprised Cena with the Sister Abigail and got the win by leaving the cage.

Paige (c) vs. Tamina Snuka (WWE Divas Championship)

WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Winner: And still the WWE Divas Champion, Paige!

Best Moments/Highlights: Paige and Tamina Snuka started their championship bout by striking each other with stiff elbow shots and kicks. Paige soon got knocked off the top rope after getting caught with a Super Kick by Tamina. Tamina began her offensive portion of the match with knees to Paige’s back and several bodyslams. Paige soon recovered, kicked Tamina in the gut and rushed Tamina to the outside of the ring. Paige went for a Hurricanrana, but Tamina powered out of it and swing Paige’s body into the ring barrier. Tamina got overconfident and looked to land a Samoan Slam off the top rope. Paige saved herself and knocked down Tamina with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Tamina shook that move off though and hit Paige with a spinning side slam. Paige locked in the Scorpion Cross Lock on Tamina after a super kick counter, which resulted in Paige winning via submission.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane (Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Winner: And still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan!

Best Moments/Highlights: Daniel Bryan wasted no time starting the match as he ran right into Kane during his entrance. Kane took Bryan down though and struck him with a Kendo Stick. Once Kane climbed the top rope, Bryan laid into him with a dropkick and a top rope Frankensteiner. Bryan then splashed Kane over the tope rope to the outside of the ring. However, Kane shook of the damage from that move and dropped Bryan onto the ring apron with a steel chair. Kane threw Bryan back into the ring, but he soon got put down again with a Kendo Stick strike from Bryan. Bryan’s lucky strike did little to put Kane down, which resulted in Kane doing a Sideslam to Bryan onto a steel chair. Bryan kicked out of a pin attempt and soon got Kane to his knees after smashing his head into a steel chair that was set into the ring apron. After Bryan vaulted through the ropes at Kane, Bryan used the announce table covers and cameras to begin punishing Kane. Kane fought the pain and soon hit Bryan with the same weapons he was assaulted with before. Kane tried to Chokeslam Bryan through one of the tables, but Bryan saved himself and landed a Tornado DDT on Kane on the outside. Bryan soon used his kicks to further damage Kane, but Kane once again revived himself and threw Bryan into the steel steps. Kane looked to incapacitate Bryan with a Tombstone Piledriver into those same steel steps, but Bryan countered that by smashing Kane’s head into the steel ring post. Bryan picked up a Kendo Stick and rocked Kane with it several times while both men battled up the ring ramp. The action soon spilled into the backstage area, which led to TV outlets and more equipment being used and abused. Bryan picked up a snow shovel and used it smash Kane’s shoulder into nothingness. Bryan looked to throw Kane onto the hood of a car, but Kane backdropped him right onto that same car. Bryan limped over to the trunk of a car and found a tire iron, which he used to put Kane out of his misery. Bryan re-used that tire iron and to force Kane into a deep slumber, which lead to Bryan sticking Kane on a forklift. Bryan chose to drive Kane’s unconscious body back into the arena. Bryan lifted Kane’s body and laid him into the ring. Bryan then did the unthinkable and head butted Kane off the high forklift platform, but only managed to get a 2-count. Bryan looked to KO Kane with his flying knee, but got stopped with a vicious chokeslam. Kane went for the winning pin, but Bryan surprisingly kicked out. Kane picked up a steel chair and tried to tombstone Bryan headfirst into it, but Bryan reversed Kane’s attempt and drove Kane’s head into it instead. After several chair shots from Bryan, Kane found himself locked in the “YES!” lock. Kane tried to force Bryan off with Kendo Stick strikes, but Bryan took the Kendo Stick and used it with his submission hold. Kane crawled out of the ring for the submission escape and caught Bryan with a chokeslam through the announce table after Bryan went for a middle rope vault. Kane brought a table into the fray and then poured gasoline onto it, which made the crowd go wild. Kane then lit it on fire and looked to put Bryan through it. Bryan saved himself, put Kane through the flaming table and laid him out with his flying knee for the victory. Kane hopped back up and was visibly upset after his loss to Bryan, which forced him to make his dreaded flames appear. Bryan looked on as Kane stared him down in disgust.

Match of the Night

Evolution vs. The Shield!

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