‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 9, Episode 3: Top 5 Spoilers

heidi kisses pig


There was no shortage of talent on Tuesday night’s episode of America’s Got Talent. A pig scored a goal, naked men danced, and an old man shot his assistant’s shirt off with a bow and arrow.

Read on to find out what you missed.

1. An Anxious 20-Year-Old Singer Nails Her Audition

20-year-old Anna has suffered from severe anxiety and depression since age 14. Four months before auditioning for AGT, she was bedridden with stress and sadness. “I didn’t want to face the world and now I’m facing thousands of people.” Her performance of ‘Hallelujah’ was clearly very important to both her and her parents, and to everyone’s relief, she absolutely killed it. Howie piped in before her song to connect with her over anxiety, and later hopped on stage to give Anna a huge hug. She burst into tears after receiving four definite yes’s from the judges.

2. A 77-Year-Old Archer Wants His Assistant to Be His Girlfriend

Bob Markworth is a 77-year-old archer who is in love with his assistant. He’s married three of his former assistants, which may explain the current one’s hesitance to date him. When we think he’s going to keep shooting the balloons his assistant’s holding in her hand, he surprises us by shooting off her clothes. And, yes, he makes it to the next round.

3. There’s A Professional Twerker

She goes by the name Stylish Talent, and she’s crazy good at twerking. She dances along to I Like Big Butts and after her performance she gets the judges and the rest of the audience up on their feet to twerk with her. Seeing as it was never clarified whether or not she makes it to the next round, I’m assuming her act was more of a fun stunt for everyone than anything else. The best part of her act was pulling Nick Cannon on stage with her to dance– the guy’s got moves.

4. Hannah and Savannah Jazz it Up

Hannah and Savannah perform a contemporary jazz routine “with a twist”. And by that, I mean they do a psychedelic dance routine with a bunch of girls dressed like in black and white checkered outfits. It’s very trippy, but they’re routine is tight.

Mel B said the choreography was very “on point” and I completely agree.
The two main dancers have been best friends for 8 years, and it seems like their friendship’s gonna get even tighter now.

5. Diverse Is An Unsuccessful Boy Band

A Jersey boy band does not impress the judges, or any girls in the audience for that matter. Eddie and Zach have been doing the boy band thing for three years, and claim to really woo the ladies. Though they call themselves Diverse, they didn’t receive a diverse array of responses from the judges. In fact, they received four very confident “no’s”. When all the judges reached for their buzzers, they were broken. Turns out Mel unplugged the buzzers so that she could charge her phone.