Amy Duggar, ‘A Duggar Leaves Home’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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TLC will be airing a two-hour special called A Duggar Leaves Home tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST. The show will follow around Amy Duggar as she tries to make a name for herself. Many viewers know Duggar as the spunky girl from reality series 19 Kids & Counting.

1. A Duggar Leaves Home Airs Tonight

Amy Duggar will be featured as the star of tonight’s TLC special A Duggar Leaves Home. TLC gives a run-down on why Amy was chosen for this opportunity.

The Duggar family has long been known for their large loving brood of 19 kids, and pride themselves on their conservative values and modest clothing. But not all Duggars are cut from the same cloth. Known as the fun-loving cousin from 19 Kids & Counting, Amy is a different kind of Duggar. She’s a little louder, a little wilder, and is about to try big city living for the first time in Nashville, Tennessee.

2. Amy Duggar Wants to Be a Country Singer

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Amy Duggar, niece of Jim Bob and Michelle, is off to Nashville to try to make it in the world of country music.

Amy’s journey to the famed “Music City” and the home of country music takes this free-spirit out of Northwest Arkansas.

Check out a clip of Amy singing in the above video so you can judge for yourself if she has what it takes to be a big country star.

3. In 2012, Amy Was Involved in an Extortion Scandal

Amy Duggar was previously involved in a scandal by a woman named Teresa Hunt. Radar Online reports:

Iowa woman Teresa Hunt was sentenced to house arrest in 2012 after cooking up an extortion plot involving false claims that Duggar cousin Amy Duggar was having an affair with a man 21 years her senior.

Hunt admitted to trying to blackmail Amy Duggar for $10,000. Daily Mail reports:

She told Miss Duggar she had photographic proof that the 25-year-old was having an illicit affair and wanted a $10,000 pay off. The pictures turned out to be innocent snaps of Amy with her singing mentor James Garrett, a John Denver impersonator 21 years her senior.

When learning that Hunt’s scheme had landed her in jail, Amy Duggar took the high road and said:

I’m deeply saddened that she is going to have time in prison and I hope to God she gets her heart healed, whatever is hurting her.

4. Mom Deanna and Grandma Duggar Are Accompanying Amy on her Journey to Country Stardom

All Voices reports that Amy will not be venturing out completely on her own for her TV special.

Her mom and grandma are headed with her to Nashville to work on her career. You never know how it will turn out but she is at least going to try it. Amy is ready to take chances and see what happens in Nashville.

5. Amy Might Get Her Own Show

If A Duggar Leaves Home does well with viewers tonight, TLC may consider making the special a regular series. All Voices writes:

This is only a two hour special for now but it is very possible that Amy Duggar could get her own show if she can win over the fans. TLC doesn’t air something without considering bringing it back as a regular series so you never know what will happen with “A Duggar Leaves Home.”

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