Anton Testino Gets Eliminated Off ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

It was down to Scott and Anton on the red team, but it was Chef Anton Testino was sent packing on tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Tonight’s episode was full of drama and Anton seemed to be the center of most of it. After over-cooking all the Beef Wellington orders, he could not accept responsibility for his mistake. He then began to talk back to one of the head chefs, getting into a screaming match. Gordon Ramsay immediately took him to the back of the kitchen to tell him to “get it together.”

What was really obnoxious was when Testino was speaking to the camera, bad-mouthing the head chef because she’s a woman.

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Hell’s Kitchen is a nightmare of staged and surreal cra@, but the fact this show only invites celebrity diners and chooses the most dramatic people to stay on show shows you how PHONY this shi× is. I’d have more respect if the show chose dinner guests from a list of crime victims than from the elite. Yuk. So frigging boring…and some REAL life,

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