‘The Bachelorette’ Recap 6/1/14: Top 10 Highlights

6. Josh Murray Gets the Group Date Rose

After the group date, Andi is seen having alone time with Eric, Marcus, and Josh. Andi is shown kissing both Josh and Marcus, but it’s Josh that gets the group date rose. This upsets Marcus a great deal.

7. Dylan Reveals a Tragic Past

Dylan wants a one-on-one date because he wants to tell Dorfman about his rough past. Apparently, his sister passed away from drugs and then his brother turned to drugs while grieving his little sister’s death. As a result, his brother passed away as well. Dylan wants to be able to tell Dorfman all this, but ends up confiding in Chris Soules.

8. Bradley Wisk and Brett Melnick Get Eliminated

The two contestants who do not receive a rose tonight are Bradley Wish and Brett Melnick.

9. Dorfman Receives a Flower Delivery

Dorfman gets a flower delivery while spending some one-on-one time with Eric Hill. Nick Viall has sent her a bouquet with a long note for Dorfman, who reads the letter in front of Hill with a big smile on her face. It was definitely an awkward moment for Hill.

10. Andrew Is Accused of Getting a Girl’s Phone Number While on the Show

JJ tells Josh Murray that Andrew got a hostess’ phone number when they were all out to dinner. JJ then tells the cameras that Andrew bragged about getting the girl’s number and thinks he’s completely disrespectful. JJ and Josh decide to confront Andrew, aka Andy, and he decides to run away from the situation, going up to his room. When Andrew finally comes out of his room, he says that JJ and Josh attacked him because they see him as a threat. A

What Andrew admits to is receiving a girl’s phone number and that’s it. He says he never brags about it, but Nick Viall speaks up and insists that he did in fact brag about getting the girl’s number.