The 25th Anniversary of Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’: The Fan Art You Need to See

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Tim Burton is a creative genius when it comes to his brand of Hollywood film making. Back in 1989, Burton released one of the biggest comic book superhero films of all time - Batman. DC Comics' dark savior of Gotham City was played by Michael Keaton opposite the "Clown Prince of Crime" The Joker, who was done wonderfully by Jack Nicholson. Both actors made believers out of non-comic book fans and hardcore comic book nerds alike as they went toe to toe on the big screen. Now in 2014, fans look back fondly on this great cinematic interpretation of Batman and his troubled world. These awesome drawings pay tribute to the legacy of Burton's vision of "The Dark Knight." Do yourself a favor and check out this buried-treasure of a video that looks back on the production of the film, too. Photo Credit: JillGiovanni (DeviantArt)

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