Billy Unger’s DUI Arrest: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Police arrested Disney star Billy Unger for DUI shortly after midnight on June 29, according to TMZ. The 18-year-old Disney XD Lab Rats star blew a .08 when police pulled him over for speeding on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California.

Unger joins a long list of former Disney stars who have struggled with alcohol and drugs, including Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf, and Jake T. Austin.

Here’s what you should know about the child star and his indiscretion.

1. Unger Failed the Breathalyzer Test

Unger blew a .08 blood alcohol level when police administered a breathalyzer test. In California, a .08 or higher constitues driving under the influence, but the state also has a Zero Tolerance Law for drivers under 21 years old.

California won’t tolerate any amount of alcohol for drivers under 21. First-time offenders face penalties include a one year license suspension, the educational portion of DUI school and hundreds of dollars in fines, according to

2. He Sent His Last Tweet to Jose Canseco’s Daughter

Unger sent his first post-jail text to Josie Canseco at 3 a.m. on June 30. Canseco is the 16-year-old daughter of former baseball player Jose Canseco. She’s friends with Unger’s little brother Eric.

Minutes before midnight on June 29 he responded “Not true” to his brother’s tweet that Billy is “always a constant 10.”

Fans of Unger have expressed their disbelieve and disappointment for their perfect Billy:

3. Unger Stars ln Disney Channel’s ‘Lab Rats’

Unger’s show Lab Rats airs on Disney XD. The show is about a scrawny, 14-year-old boy named Leo Dooley whose mom marries an inventor. Unger plays Leo’s step brother Chase Davenport, who is the youngest of three bionic, super-powered teen siblings.

Chase and his older brother and sister Adam Davenport and Bree Davenport have never come out of the basement until they meet Leo, who introduces them to the outside world.

4. He Likes to Dirt Bike & Surf

Unger enjoys spending time outside. He favorite activities include motocross, surfing, advanced stunting and extreme martial arts. He spends time with his younger brother surfing and riding dirt bikes together.

He told Disney XD in the video above about his love for the outdoors:

I’m not on of those guys that loves to sit inside all day. I’d much rather be outside and be active.

The Disney star moved to Hollywood in 2006 with his family from Palm Beach County, Florida. He guest-starred on Disney Channel shows Kickin’ It, A.N.T. Farm and Sonny with a Chance and starred as the younger version of Nicolas Cage‘s great-grandfather Charles Gates in National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

5. He Formed a Band Named California Chrome

Unger started a band called California Chrome with singer Travis Cormier and bassist Marcelo Feldman. The classic rock fan started playing the guitar about three years ago, he told A Teen View in February 2012:

My number one hobby is playing guitar. I play guitar every chance I get. Even when I’m on set, and there are scenes I’m not in or during my lunch break the first place I go is to my dressing room to play guitar. I love playing guitar. It’s a passion of mine and I really only picked it up just a little bit under a year ago and I really, really love it.

Watch Unger and California Chrome play a cover of Guns N’ Roses “Paradise City” in the video above.