Brad Ashenfelter, Kesha’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brad Ashenfelter is the boyfriend of Rising Star expert and pop artist Kesha. Check out all the facts on the happy couple and all the info on Ashenfelter.

1. Kesha Recently Opened Up About How Happy She Is to Have Ashenfelter

Listen to the above audio clip from Kesha’s interview with Ryan Seacrest. Kesha opens up about her happiness and how blessed she feels to be with Ashenfelter.

2. Ashenfelter Was There for Kesha When She Was in Rehab

When Kesha went to rehab for alcoholism and body image issues, Ashenfelter reportedly visited her and was “alongside her through it all.” E! News wrote:

Brad has played a supportive role in the singer’s recovery. Kesha left an Illinois rehab facility on March 6 after completing a two-month treatment program for an eating disorder. We’re told Brad flew out to see her while she was there.

3. Brad Ashenfelter Is a Writer From New Jersey

Ashenfelter is a writer who contributes to a site called The Inertia. His bio on the site gives us some background on how he grew up and more about who he is:

Brad was born and raised in the Garden state and now resides in Los Angeles. He claims that pizza and good sandwiches can only be found is his native New Jersey. Brad isn’t much of a surfer, but he appreciates all things water. He spends the majority of his income on compact discs and records much to the befuddlement of loved ones and friends.

4. The Two Met Through Kesha’s Stylist

According to Us Weekly
, Kesha and her man met through her stylist.

A source close to the singer tells Us Weekly that “Bradsha,” who were first photographed together in April, have “actually been together a long time … It’s very real,” the source tells Us

E! News further reports on how the couple got together: The first sighting of the lovebirds was in late April, when Kesha and Brad showed off some PDA at a flea market in Los Angeles. These two have been dating for some time now, a source revealed to E! News, adding the couple initially met through Kesha’s hairstylist, who is dating Brad’s friend.

5. Kesha Is Clearly Still Into Beards

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If you recall, Kesha likes to sing about her love of guys with beards. She even gushed about it on her reality show. Clearly, Kesha hasn’t lost her love for some scruff considering Ashenfelter dons some serious facial hair. Kesha stated:

He’s really, a really sweet human being. I’m very happy to have him in my life. That’s way too much information for American to know. But I’m really happy with my beard.

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