Cam Gigandet: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

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Cam Gigandet may be most famous for his role as an evil vampire in Twilight, but he’s about to take on a completely different kind of character. The 31-year-old will star as a Yankee litigator in CBS’s new series, Reckless, which premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m.

Here’s what you should know about the hard-bodied actor who’s making waves with his honesty.

1. He Called His Former ‘O.C.’ Co-Stars ‘F**cking Miserable’

Cam Gigandet

(Instagram/Cam Gigandet)

Gigandet told Elle that Ben McKenzie, who played Ryan Atwood on The O.C., was an “ass”:

Actually Ben McKenzie was kind of mean to me. I hadn’t done anything at that point and he was a little bit of an ass. But I love him. I think he’s a great actor and I love Southland.

When asked about Mischa Barton, who played his love interest, Gigandet didn’t even remember her:

Mischa? I didn’t really. … Was she there? I don’t even have memories of her.

To sum up his experience working with his former co-stars, Gigandet simply said:

But the things that I remember now — none of them are good. It was only the third or fourth season. Those kids were f**king miserable. They were just — they would not remember their lines on purpose. They were young.

2. The Internet Claims He Made a Sex Tape

Cam Gigandet, Gigandet


Fans lusting for Gigandet’s body can find countless shirtless shots of the six-packed stud. But if you’re Googling for something more graphic, brace for a pile of bogus smut. You might as well just Photoshop his face onto your favorite naked body.

All of the Youtube links that boast “Super Hot!! Cam Gigandet nude” and “Spicy!! Twilight hottie Cam Gigandet Sex Tape!!” lead to, which claims to have nude pics and videos of Gigandet.

We can’t vouch for any of that, but we know that Gigandet does watch porn. When Elle asked him if he ever Googled himself, the star said:

Fuck no. I think I did when I first moved down here. I’d go on IMBD, but now it’s like, if I’m online, it’s either porn or emails. I don’t even do emails, really. So it’s just porn I guess.

3. His Fiancee Was in ‘Beneath the Surface’

Cam Gigandet

(Instagram/Cam Gigandet)

Gigandet’s 29-year-old fiancee, Dominique Geisendorff, has only one credit on IMDB — she played Kahlah in Beneath the Surface. The film received a 4.7/10 rating by IMDB.

She’s been engaged to Geisendorff since 2008 and gave birth to their son, Rekker, on January 23 of last year.

4. He Has 2 Adorable Children

Cam Gigandet dad

(Instagram/Cam Gigandet)

Gigandet’s Instagram has a ton of adorable photos of him and his children. His 5-year-old daughter is named Everleigh Rae Gigandet, and his 1-year-old son is Rekker Radley Giganet.

The media has been all over pictures of Gigandet and his kid. The Daily Mail followed Gigandet and his family through Disneyland last July. Check out some of the pics here.

5. He Studied Animal Videos for His Role in Twilight

Cam Gigandet)


At the 2008 Comic-Con, Gigandet jokingly said:

I am a bad, bad vampire. Well, so everyone else thinks. I think I’m just misunderstood.

He says he loves playing the bad guy but doesn’t know why he’s always cast that way. Gigandet Told

It’s not like I’m a terrible person. It might be, I don’t know. You know, it’s something that, I don’t know, it just kind of connects. I understand where they could be coming from. Not that I personally [would] make the choices that they make but, you know, if you break it down a little further they are all good guys/bad guys. They’re still having the same issues, which is how they deal with them. And I think breaking a bad guy down to, you know, if he has his heart broken he can deal with it one of two ways and he just goes the other way.

He and his castmates studied animal videos to learn how to move with the grace and speed of vampires. Clearly their work paid off.

6. His New Show ‘Reckless’ Premieres on Sunday

The crime show shoots in Charleston, South Carolina, and follows a charming southern attorney named Roy who tries to mask his feelings for a beautiful Yankee litigator as the two of them deal with a dramatic police sex scandal.

Television screenwriter and producer Dana Stevens is writing and producing the show for CBS.

7. He Made Out With Christina Aguilera

When interviewed about Burlesque, Gigandet said his make-out with Christina was not a bad thing. He spoke to Collider about his nude scene and about kissing the beautiful singer:

I got to kiss Christina Aguilera, which is not a bad thing. We didn’t know what that scene was going to actually going to end up as. Whatever felt natural, at that exact time, was what we ended up going with. It was a collaborative decision-making process.

8. He Enjoys Israeli Martial Arts

Men’s Health interviewed Gigandet about his fitness routine and how he keeps himself in such great shape. The actor does weights, kettlebells and cardio machines, but tries some Israel martial arts, called krav maga, from time to time as well.

He took a three-month break from working out after filming Never Back Down, but otherwise consistently hits the gym.

Gigandet goes to a tiny, unknown gym where he feels he gets the best workout and runs into the fewest number of people.

9. He Loves Beer & His Dad

Cam Gigandet beer

(Instagram/Cam Gigandet)

Elle asked Gigandet who his favorite drinking buddy is, and Gigandet said:

My dad. He likes Old Fashioneds, or wine, or scotch on the rocks. And beer. Beer, too.

Gigandet’s Instagram is filled with photos of him sipping on Everclear and Corona. Seems like the superstar knows how to have a good time.

10. He Suffers From Tattoo Anxiety

Cam Gigandet tattoo

(Instagram/Cam Gigandet)

Gigandet talked to Elle about his many tattoos. He has one on his forearm that calls his favorite, and wants to get something with his son’s name in it in the future.

A tattoo on his hip that reads “Godspeed,” however, is driving him nuts. “I’ve analyzed this thing so much that I hate it now. It’s, like, not shaded enough,” he said.

When he was 16, Gigandet got a tattoo of a dragon on his bicep. A few years later, he decided he wanted a background behind the dragon, so he went to a tattoo artist who ended up designing something Gigandet really didn’t like:

I went home, I got in the shower, and I couldn’t even look at it because I was kind of worried. And then I looked in the mirror — I was like 22 or something — and I just started bawling. I called my dad and was like, ‘I think I fucked up. I fucked up pretty, pretty good.’ Two weeks later, I started getting it removed.

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