Eric Hill Gets Eliminated Before the Rose Ceremony on ‘The Bachelorette’

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Deceased contestant Eric Hill does not receive a rose on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette. In fact, he actually leaves before the rose ceremony. Tonight, Andi Dorfman has a meltdown after a contestant reportedly tells her she doesn’t seem authentic. So, who told her this? Some are reporting that Eric Hill was the culprit and that’s why he goes home before the rose ceremony. Have U Heard reports:

This is the episode that the Bachelor, Eric Hill, who passed away following his elimination, was eliminated prior to the rose ceremony. It looks like Eric may have been the person who told Andy that she had a poker face. With Hill’s death, it is safe to say, ABC will not present him as a villian. This would make both his family and the audience irate. Unless of course, they are more concerned with a ratings bonanza, rather than honoring Hill.

Reality Steve writes about Hill’s being sent home, saying:

It was before this rose ceremony where Eric Hill was let go by Andi. She then cancelled the cocktail party. Not sure what ABC is going to show regarding his exit, but my guess it will not be what actually transpired between these two because it wasn’t the most positive exit we’ve ever had.

This news is surprising since Hill has been such a sweetheart on the show. Earlier on in tonight’s episode, Hill and Dorfman had a talk about how they feel their relationship is stalling. They both agree that they don’t thrive in this kind of environment (being on a show). However, Hill finally opens up to Andi, talking about his religion and his family. This left viewers feeling like things could blossom with the two of them … Clearly, this wasn’t the case.

Later on, Eric Hill talks with Andi and says that he feels she hasn’t been as open with him. He then tells her that he came to find love, not a TV actress. Andi feels extremely insulted when Hill says he sees a “poker face” every day. Andi begins to cry and tells Hill she respects what he’s saying, but feels completely offended. Hill seems regretful of his delivery and apologizes to Andi, but she feels that the two of them are not going to work. Andi states, “I cannot fight for someone who doesn’t believe in me.”

They end things with a hug, but Andi is understandably furious. Unfortunately, you could see that the way Hill delivered his message, was not how he intended to do it. Hill tells the cameras he did not want to hurt Andi and that love is the most important thing.

After tonight’s episode, host Chris Harrison takes a moment to talk to the viewers about the wonderful man that Eric Hill was … He and Andi Dorfman decided to have a sit-down chat about Hill rather than show the rose ceremony. Dorfman opens up about Hill’s charm and why she was so attracted to him at first. Then she says what the issue was between Hill and herself was that their relationship was just stalled. When Harrison asks Dorfman if she regrets the way she handled it, she says that she is upset about how their last conversation went down. She wishes they could have settled it on the reunion show, like she will get to with the other guys.

After the brief sit-down, Harrison reveals that Tasos Hernandez was eliminated tonight.

For more information on Hill and his time on the show:

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