‘Escape Club’ Cast Photos: Premiere, Spoilers & Eliminations

Escape Club is a new competition reality show where cast-mates are trying to win a year-long, fully paid for vacation. Meet the cast and get some spoilers, starting with ... Lisa Tursini was a sheltered, small town girl, but has broken out of her shell and is in search of Mr. Right, according to E! News. Tursini believes that she deserves to win Escape Club for a host of reasons, one of which is that her parents' home in New Jersey was ruined in Hurricane Sandy. She revealed to E! News: I am having a quarter life crisis and need to escape from my reality! I moved back home to Jersey from Los Angeles and boy, it is such a different lifestyle! As nice as it is to be in my hometown, it is extremely BORING here!! I live at the Jersey Shore, near Seaside, but local life here, especially off season, is a ghost town. Hurricane Sandy has left an aftermath of endless amounts of construction and devastation. My home is still completely gutted and needs an enormous amount of repair, leaving us to rent with the help of FEMA. I had to move back home mostly for financial reasons and to reevaluate my life! Lisa ends up leaving on episode 2 after her new boyfriend, cast-mate Stephen, gets voted off and asks her to leave with him to meet his parents. (Instagram)