‘Escape Club’ Cast Photos: Premiere, Spoilers & Eliminations

Aundre Dean has a startling moment on Escape Club. E! News writes: Aundre found himself in a bit of a sticky situation when a female from his past showed up...around the same time he was talking to a different girl from the resort! On the first night of the show, he slept in Petra's bed. While he tries to make it seem like he got lucky, she tells the cameras that nothing happened. Growing up, Dean's admitted to lying a lot, so you do the math. (Twitter)



Donny Sucks

Why did Donny win? God damnit. Dude is pointless and annoying. I was hoping for Jesse the whole time! Genuine dude that deserved it! Fuck Donny


I think Andrew should have won!!! Cant believe Donny won!!:'( :@

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