Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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Game of Thrones season 4 episode 9 is “The Watchers on the Wall,” and featured the long awaited wildling attack on Castle Black. The second-to-last episode of each season has traditionally been saved for the wildest events of the season. Let’s see if the Battle of Castle Black lives up to the Red Wedding and the Battle of the Blackwater.

1. Yiggrite Vows to Kill Jon Snow

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Yiggrite is still trying to earn back her street credit with her wildling comrades ever since her love affair with Jon Snow, an undercover spy for the Night’s Watch. Confronting the scary bald cannibals, Yiggrite says that she will be the one to kill Jon Snow, and if anyone else tries she’ll kill them first. We’ve seen what she can do with those arrows, do we really think she’ll hesitate this time?

2. Gilly Shows Up at the Wall

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After Yiggrite lets Gilly live after raiding her new village, she somehow makes her way to the wall. Sam, blinded by his love for her, open the gate to let her in and stows her in a small room at the bottom of the keep. She may learn soon that Castle Black is the least safe place for her to be right now. Shockingly, Gilly survives the battle, but not before she attempts to defend herself with a pig’s leg.

3. Jon Snow Proves Himself to Be a Great Leader


Jon Snow takes command of the troops at the top of the wall. He’s 10 times smarter and 10 times a better fighter than those commanding before. Ultimately, his place during the battle is down in the fray, not commanding from safety atop the wall.

4. Yiggrite Dies

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In the world of Game of Thrones, hesitation often means death. That’s true tonight for Yiggrite. She hesitates to kill Jon Snow, staring straight into his eyes when she should be filling him full of arrows. On the wall, a young boy who Samwell Tarly had encouraged to pick up his tiny bow and fight, losses an arrow that goes right through Yiggrite’s chest.

At least we get one last whispered, “you know nothing Jon Snow,” before she dies.

5. Jon Snow Heads North of the Wall

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In an almost explicable bit of reasoning, and proving he does, indeed, know nothing. The episode ends with Jon Snow, walking unarmed to the other side of the wall. By leaving he leaves the Night’s Watch leaderless at a time when there is still a massive army on the horizon. He claims he’s going to find the escaped wildling commander, but what is he really doing? Perhaps we’ll find out in the finale next week.

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