‘Graceland’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers


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On tonight’s episode of Graceland, Briggs heads south of the border to discover who put the hit on Mike. Back at the house, Jakes gets ready to move out and Paige works to finish her case before she joins Mike’s operation.

Read on to see what Charlie thinks about Briggs’ little trip and if Johnny can keep his mouth shut about Jakes’ departure in the episode “Connects.”

1. Briggs Jumps the Border

Briggs calls Mike out to the beach to let him know he’s heading to Mexico. He reached out to the Caza cartel leadership to identify who put the hit on Mike and made it look like a Caza operation. Mike tells him that Charlie won’t be happy about this, and Briggs says not to tell her. Mike doesn’t do well keeping a secret, and Charlie is infuriated Mike would let Briggs go down there.

Two Caza members take Briggs on a long ride to the house of Alfredo Armas, the head of the Caza cartel. Over a meal of really fresh goat stew, Briggs makes a deal with Armas to help lessen the punishment for Caza members picked up in the states if the Caza leader can tell him who targeted Mike.

Later, Mike’s D.C. girlfriend Agent Jessica Foster calls to give him a heads up on an incoming Caza shipment. He and Briggs storm the warehouse where they find the shipment sent by Armas with a photo and a goat (this drug dealer has a strange sense of humor).


(USA Network)

Back at Graceland, Johnny and Charlie identify the photo as Carlos Solano Sr., the head of the Solano crime family. His son, Carlos Solano Jr. a.k.a. Carlito, runs the business up in Los Angeles. Mike has a theory that senior ships heroin up to his son using the bus lines. They need someone to go undercover to get close to Carlito, and Mike elects Charlie for the job. She’s not too crazy about the assignment, and thinks the operation is moving too quickly.

She takes Johnny to a bar where Carlito hangs out. Johnny spots the son’s right hand man and tells Charlie to make her move on him while he waits for a drink. Charlie starts to move across the floor, but changes her mind and heads back to Johnny. The situation doesn’t feel right to her. She tells Johnny he can tail the guy and if it “falls to shit” that’s on him. She walks out and Johnny continues the mission.

2. Jakes Moves Out to Get Back His Son

Jakes can’t sneak out of the house without snooping Johnny finding out. The Customs agent doesn’t try to hide it when Johnny asks if he’s moving out. Jakes tells his roommate that he can’t live like a co-ed in a frat house forever. He needs to grow up and be responsible to his nine-year-old son Daniel. He moved into Graceland to live closer to his son after his ex Cassandra moved them to California. He needs to prove that he can be a good father. That means moving out of the house and taking a desk job.

Jakes sets up a whole room for Daniel at his new apartment. He plans to meet him for the first time at Cassandra’s house the next day. She doesn’t seem to thrilled about the idea and that becomes clear when Jakes arrives the next day. She’s waiting at the front door with her boyfriend. They inform him that Daniel has all the family he needs. has set up a room for Daniel at his new apartment with all the kinds of things a nine-year-old might like. When Jakes won’t accept that answer, two police officers bust out from behind the door. They serves Jakes with a restraining order and place him under arrest just as Daniel is riding up on his bike. He asks his dad a.k.a. Cassandra’s boyfriend who the man on the ground is, while Jakes yells, “I’m your father. I’m your father.”

That night Jakes goes home, takes his son’s baseball bat off the wall and destroys everything in his child’s new room.

3. Paige Teams Up With Mike to Get the Job Done

Paige doesn’t want to give up her DEA mission to work on Mike’s operation. She’s undercover as a drug dealer’s girlfriend, but she suspects her “boyfriend” Finch is about to cut her out of a deal that could help her bring down his boss. Unfortunately, the DEA doesn’t have the technology to help her clean up the video/audio surveillance of Finch making a call to his boss. Mike tells her to hand it off and make it someone else’s problem, but she can’t and he knows that. She’s mad at him for coming in and yanking her off her missions. He understands and offers to help, but she tells him she can do it on her own.

Mike doesn’t listen though, and takes Paige to FBI offices. He has a deaf agent who can read Finch’s lip and reads it back to Mike and Paige through an interpreter. She makes a slight mistake in deciphering Thursday versus Tuesday, but when she corrects, the agents only have a half hour to move in on Finch’s meet at his house. Mike calls in the new guy Wayne “Bates” Zelanski and a S.W.A.T. team for back up across the street from Finch’s place.

Paige changes into her slut-ensemble (while Zelanski can’t help but watch), then heads over to surprise her so-called boyfriend. He tries to take her out before his boss Moreno comes, but she gets the drop on him. They either meet Moreno together or she collects the money herself, then comes back to kill her boyfriend. He chooses the former. They close the deal and Paige gives the signal for Mike and Zelanski to move in. Moreno tries to make a run for it with Paige right behind him, but Mike and Z catch up to take down the boss and Paige (to keep her cover, of course).

4. Charlie Confesses to Briggs About Her Late-Night Surveillance

Briggs shows up at the tattoo parlor where Charlie is undercover. She’s furious with Briggs. She doesn’t understand why he needed to meet with the Caza cartel, but she thinks its because he wants revenge for them getting him hooked on heroin. She questions whether she can trust him, and he turns it back on her. He wants to know where she’s been sneaking off to every night. She shoves a folder at him and walks out.

After he opens it, he goes to see Jakes at his new apartment (no one hides from Briggs). He shows Jakes that Charlie is surveilling Juan Badillo’s wife. Jakes tells him that he needs to find out what Charlie’s doing before she learns Briggs killed Badillo.

Briggs finds Charlie sitting outside Badillo’s apartment. Charlie thinks she’s responsible for the dead FBI agent because she didn’t realize the Mexican Federal Police officer Raphael Cortes was really Jangles. She tells her boyfriend that Badillo’s wife is drinking again and the daughter isn’t doing well either. Briggs tells her she needs to let the guilt go or it will drag her down. He would know.

Briggs tries to assuage some of his guilt by helping Badillo’s wife with her drinking. He follows her into a liquor store and chats her up with a lie that they attended the same AA meetings. She tells Briggs she’s back on the wagon, three days. He’s got her beat by two days, but starts to walk off with a bottle of booze. She offers him a cup of coffee if he can make it six days, and the two go talk at a diner around the corner.

He better keep up the charade, because the tape that proves he killed Kelly’s husband made another appearance tonight. The kids that found it at the end of last year pop into their father’s car cassette deck and give it a listen. They kids think its a snuff tape, and the father puts it away in the car’s glove compartment. Out of sight and out of mind for now.

5. Mike Can’t Resist Temptation

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Mike receives a call from Jessica. She tells him her office will keep an eye on Caza cartel, but encourages him to keep on the Solano case. She just wants him to focus so he can get back to D.C. and to her quickly. Right now, Mike has his focus on Paige who emerges from the bathroom and drops her towel in the doorway of her bedroom. When Mike hangs up the phone with Jessica, he slowly steps into Paige’s room.

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