Hit the Floor Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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The second episode of Season 2 of VH1’s Hit the Floor aired Monday night, and there were no shortage of crazy storylines. As was expected, the show left us on a cliffhanger, wondering who is responsible for Olivia’s death.

Read on to find out what happens:

1. Zero and Jelena Have Sex in a Church

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Early in the episode, Zero stops Jelena and says they’re going to have a date later that week. In true Jelena style, she rejects him. The third time he creeps on her, Zero drives up in his nice red sports car, opens his door, but this time, Jelena gets in.

Later, when Jelena starts bursting out in laughter during her eulogy for Olivia, Zero stands up and saves her with a speech. The next scene is of the two having steamy sex in the back of the church.

2. Jelena Knows About Derek and Ahsha’s Romance

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“From now on we keep our distance.” While having a breakdown about Olivia’s death, Ahsha decides to have a serious chat with Derek. Apparently, Ahsha doesn’t like PDA. When Kyle walks in on her and Derek canoodling, she tells Derek they need to keep their romance quiet. With Olivia dead and the strict no-dating policy between players and cheerleaders, she fears their relationship could get in the way.

Later, at the funeral, Jelena sees the two holding hands.

3.Chase Vincent is Arrested for the Murder of his Wife

The police interrupt the funeral and arrest Chase Vincent for killing his wife. They say that they found the shovel used to kill him in the back of Chase’s truck. It seems like Oscar had a lot of suspicious camera time after this scene.

4. 50 Shades of Kyle

Creator James LaRosa tweeted the above during the show. Kyle seduces producer Teddy, who we may recognize as Stephen Colletti, and later brings him to the funeral. When she initially seduces him, she brings her empty script of “50 Shades of Kyle” and assures him she can teach him about her life in a different way… aka sex. Beau fakes being a producer as well to jack up the price that Teddy will pay for her to be his ‘actress’.

5. Pete Throws a Punch at Oscar’s Son

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When Jude comes up to Pete and tells him he’s interested in Sloane, Pete is quickly provoked and punches him. Seems like he’s not over their little romance… However, Jude was only getting in the way to appease Lionel, who didn’t want to see Pete with Raquel.

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