Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Split: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have reportedly called it quits. Read on for the facts on their break up.

1. The Split Actually Happened Over Two Months Ago

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TMZ reports that Jlo and her beau actually split over two months ago. Sources told TMZ:

They actually split nearly 2 months ago, but kept it on the down low. We’re told the breakup was civil. They’re still friendly but simply grew apart.

A source revealed that JLo is doing fine since the split and she’s busy promoting her new album. E! News reports that they couple was hoping to be more low-key about the break up.

2. Smart Has Been In the Media Recently for Scandals With Transsexual Models

Recently, Smart has been under scrutiny for flirtaciously texting not one, but two transsexuals. TMZ reports an insider as stating: Casper has been a single guy and can text or see whoever he wants, but the idea that he was knowingly texting a transsexual is laughable. He’s not that guy, but like a lot of single guys online he obviously likes to look at a ‘lil T and A.”

3. Casper Smart Is Currently Moving Out of Jlo’s Home

Casper is reportedly working on moving out of Jlo’s house right now. TMZ reports that there’s no rush because Lopez has been on the road promoting her latest album. Just a couple days ago, People reported that a source told them Jennifer and Casper were working out their issues before the transsexual scandal and that they were still “sort of” together “technically, but no idea for how long.”

Back in October, there were rumors of constant fighting between Smart and JLo. E! News previously reported:

Things are not going well at the moment. They are bickering and it’s clear to the people around them that there is an irritation between them at the moment. It’s hot and cold, but more cold than hot right now.”

4. Distance Was a Factor In the Split

Us Weekly reports that:

It wasn’t an easy decision, but they decided to stay friends. Their relationship couldn’t work with the distance. He started trying to establish his own life and career, and she is so focused on hers, and they just couldn’t be all about each other anymore.

Casper is said to now be pursuing acting, “which is why he took show directing and choreography off his Instagram.”

5. In 2012, There Were Reports that Smart Was Caught in a Gay Sex Club

TMZ previously reported that Jlo and Smart were involved in a lawsuit on what they said were false claims, saying Smart was involved in a gay sex club. Here are the details:

The reports include photographs of Casper outside a XXX peep show in NYC back in July — Star claims the shop is a “well-known cruising spot for gay men looking for instant hookups.” In Touch claims Casper was “caught” with an “exotic masseuse.”