Jordan Wessel, Miss Arizona: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jordan Wessel is one of the most unique contestants in the 2014 Miss USA competition. As Miss Arizona, Wessel shares her incredible story …

1. Wessel Suffers from Celiac Disease

Wessel deals with an illness called Celiac Disease, which comes from one’s body not being able to properly digest gluten. Yahoo TV reports that:

She was informed she was a carrier for Celiac disease, an immune reaction to eating gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye) which leads to difficulty in digesting food. After being told she would need to be on medication for the rest of her life and advised she’d have to “manage it,” Wessel took matters into her own hands. “I researched fitness and nutrition, and kept a diary of everything,” she said. “It slowly made me feel better. I eventually went off all medication.”

2. Doctors Originally Thought She Might Have Crohn’s Disease

Three years ago, Wessel woke up and was very sick. She told Yahoo TV:

My senior year of high school, I woke up a different person. My stomach was killing me. My head was killing me. Finally, after three months of feeling nauseated and in pain, I went for tests, but nobody could figure out what was going on. It got worse and worse. I couldn’t go about activities.

After months trying to figure out what was wrong, she was tested for a tumor and told she might have Crohn’s Disease.

3. She Woke Up in the Middle of an Endoscopy

Wessel has Celiac Disease, but was never officially diagnosed with the illness because she woke up in the middle of an endoscopy and refused to let the doctors finish the procedure.

4. Her Family Has Made a Vow If She Wins Miss USA

According to Wessel’s Miss USA contestant bio:

If she wins Miss USA, her grandma, mom, aunt, and sister have all committed to getting matching tattoos!

This may be a little difficult since Wessel apparently could never “successfully walk in high heels until this past year.”

5. Currently, She’s Trying to Complete Her Bucket List

Yahoo TV reports that Wessel has been trying to complete a bucket list.

Last summer, the ASU nutrition communications major checked one item off that list when she competed in a bikini fitness contest to help overcome her self-confidence issues. It was her first-ever competition of any kind.

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