PHOTOS: Meet the ‘Ladies of London’ Cast

The Ladies of London makes its series premiere on Bravo, following around a group of women who adhere to strict rules of class. Some are British socialites while others are Americans who run in the same social circles. In a world where reputation means everything, tensions and drama are sure to arise.

Annabelle Neilson is an author from South London who is also a model and socialite. Neilson's hometown is Venice, Italy and she comes from a successful aristocratic family, London investment and property adviser Max Neilson and interior designer, Elizabeth Neilson. She is said to be a "fixture on the international party circuit" and has a lot of high-profile buddies. Bravo writes an impressive bio on Neilson saying: For over 20 years, Annabelle was muse and best friend to the late designer, Alexander McQueen and continues to run with the hippest crowds in London. Her friends include Kate Moss, Jude Law, Naomi Campbell and Richard Branson to name a few ... She is an author of a children’s book and is penning a novel on her friendship with McQueen. Aside from her partying and A-list friends, Neilson is also quite the adventurist. Recently she's into horse racing, but she's also ridden a motorcycle across Australian and drove a rally through the Himalayas. According to OK Here's The Situation, Neilson is also known for her crazy romance with her ex. She may be most famous for dating and marrying global banking magnet Nathaniel Philip Rothschild whom she met on a beach in India when she was in her teens and dated for six years. Believe it or not the two eloped in Las Vegas in 1995 much to the surprise and dismay of their parents. But the marriage fell apart 2 years later in 1997.

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