Lil Bit & Daddy, ‘Party Down South’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ryan Richards and Taylor Wright, aka Daddy and Lil Bit, are two cast members from reality series Party Down South. Check out the complicated relationship between the two … Are they lovers? Are they best friends? Or, are they enemies?

1. When Lil Bit Arrives for Season 2, Daddy Is Not Happy to Hear She Has a Boyfriend

On the season 2 premiere of Party Down South, when Daddy hears that Lil Bit has a boyfriend, he becomes very angry and gets drunk. Daddy says that he and Lil Bit are very close off the show and that he never heard anything about her having a boyfriend. In Daddy’s drunken rage, he calls Lil Bit a bitch and begins to destroy things in the house. It’s clear that Daddy has feelings for Lil Bit and that there’s more than just a friendship between the two of them.

2. On the Show This Season, Boundary Lines Become Blurred

In the above promo video, we see Lil Bit giving Daddy a lap dance and the two getting close in Cabo, Mexico around the :49 second mark. Does Lil Bit cheat on her boyfriend? According to Daddy, Lil Bit already cheated on her man … Daddy claims to have had sex with Lil Bit a day before they got to the house on season 2. Lil Bit says that the two of them got drunk and fooled around, but Daddy told her he didn’t have feelings for her. Meanwhile, Daddy’s version of the story is a bit different … When Lil Bit talks with Daddy, Daddy’s story is confirmed.

Later on in the season, Lil Bit contemplates leaving because she feels so guilty about her boyfriend back at home, but she decides to stay after speaking with her mother.

3. Lil Bit Is a Jealous Girl

Lil Bit shows her jealous side when her boyfriend starts joking around on the phone. It seems that Lil Bit and Daddy have that in common.

4. Daddy Feels Like He’s Getting Played by Lil Bit

Daddy admits to the camera that he does have feelings for Lil Bit this season, but he doesn’t know if he’s getting played by her or not. Lil Bit seems to be leading Daddy on and the roommates are not happy about it.

What’s worse than this is that Lil Bit has to tell her boyfriend about what happened between her and Daddy.

5. Lil Bit Tells Daddy He Needs to Get Over Her

When things go awry this season, Lil Bit completely shuts Daddy down and yells at him saying she doesn’t feelings for him. Lil Bit yells, “Get over me,” and Daddy becomes very hurt and angry. Daddy insists that there’s a lot more to the story …




Lil bit is so full of herself. Seriously having sex with daddy days before going to Athens? And then oh I am in love with grant. Give us alla break. You are just like the rest. Keep praying. You need to.

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