Logan Browning: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jelena Howard


Logan Browning plays the gorgeous Jelena Howard on VH1’s Hit the Floor. And while the 25-year-old always looks like a star on screen, it may surprise you to learn that she isn’t really a trained dancer.

Here’s all the gossip you need to know about Logan.

1. Terrence Is Her First On-Screen Romance

When talking to CocoaFab.com about her on-screen romance with Robert Christopher Riley, Logan says:

It was my first grown up romantic relationship on camera. It’s the first time I’m playing someone older than I am in real life, and it’s the first time I’ve had to kiss somebody,” she says of her on-screen romance. “On our first scene together, we are making out and I was so nervous because I didn’t even know him!” she says of her costar, Robert Christopher Riley. “We have this natural chemistry and understand each other’s characters well. He makes it really easy.

She says that Jelena is the role she’s been waiting for, even though she appreciates all the other roles that led up to this one.

2. She Was a Brat in ‘Bratz: The Movie’

Before Hit the Floor took off, Logan was most famous for her role of Sasha in Bratz: The Movie.

Browning was just 18-years-old when Bratz came out, and while most people regard it as her breakout role, VH1 claims that Jelena was the role she was born to play. I’m sure most of us would agree.

3. She Wasn’t a Dancer Before the Show

Browning tells Cocoafab,

I am absolutely NOT a dancer turned actress. I took this amazing boot camp and learned a lot about myself. I’m proud that I can do this.

Browning told PRWeb that she wasn’t in the big dance number in the pilot episode because she didn’t have the skills yet.

When they cast me, they said ‘Logan we are going to rewrite the pilot so you’re not in the main dance, but you know if you can handle it, and we just believe in you and believe that you’re gonna work really hard to be able to dance with the girls.

4. She Originally Auditioned for Ahsha

Logan Browning, Jelena Howard

(Instagram/Logan Browning)

It may be super surprising to us now, but Logan originally auditioned to be the the (relatively) wholesome Ahsha. She told PRWeb,

I don’t know if you guys know, but when I first auditioned for Ahsha… [I auditioned] at least three times and [the casting directors] were like, ‘You know what, you just don’t play sweet.

5. She Went to Modeling School

Logan Browning


Browning graduated from the Barbizon Modeling School of Atlanta in 2003. According to Filmbug, her career in the entertainment industry started when a talent scout in Georgia signed her on the spot.

Browning was a competitive track runner when she was younger, and also plays the guitar.