Lucy Hale: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Twenty-four-year-old Lucy Hale is back as Aria as Pretty Little Liars airs its Season 5 premiere.

Alloy put it best when they described her on-screen persona as a “loveable and quirky Rosewood high school student with a penchant for poetry, feather earrings, and scone-crushing.”

Let’s learn more about the actress behind the Rosewood drama.

1. She’s Admits to Being Less Glamorous Than Aria

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When she auditioned for PPL, she actually tried out for the roles of Aria and Hanna.
However, casting directors immediately realized that she would make the perfect Aria:

Hanna is the comedic relief of the show, whereas Aria is darker and edgier. Everyone immediately said, ‘Oh, you’re so Aria.’

The actress admits she’s far more casual than her fashion-conscious character.

“Aria is eclectic, quirky and weird. I walk around in my gym clothes and my baseball cap,” she told Hollywood Life.

For Hale, red carpet glam is reserved for special occasions:

I only dress up when I have to. I have a great collection of heels but always wear flats.

2. She From Memphis & Sings

Lucy Hale – You Sound Good to Me (Official Music Video)Lucy's debut album, "Road Between" featuring the new single “Lie A Little Better” is available now! iTunes: Amazon MP3: Google Play: Streaming Partners: Don't miss "Pretty Little Liars" Tuesday's at 8pm/7c on ABC Family! #LucyHale #YouSoundGoodtoMe #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo2014-01-08T01:13:00.000Z

She released her first album, Road Between, this year.

In the music video above, she’s belting out her single, “You Sound Good to Me.”

Through her music, Hale hopes to convey that she has problems just like every girl her age. In her song “Nervous Girls,” she reveals a bit about her own life.

In an interview with She Knows, she said:

A lot of time, people judge a book by its cover, so someone who’s in my position, they think, ‘Oh, this is a girl who’s kind of got everything figured out and who’s living a life without any problems or issues,’ and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

3. She’s Dating a Country Singer

Country crooner Joel Crouse seems to have stolen Hale’s heart.

The singer/songwriter, who is also from Nashville, describes himself on Twitter as “an over thinker, a rambling man.”

She has been photographed with him around town, hand in hand.

As far as celeb crushes go, she told Hollywood Life, ” I love Mark Wahlberg. Robert Downey Jr is my ultimate. And I think Steve Carell is so sexy.”

4. She Idolizes Taylor

Cute Taylor Swift

Hale does not want to be compared to the musical genius that is Swift:

Taylor’s untouchable. She made country quote-unquote ‘cool.’ And she made it OK to talk about your problems. And be vulnerable. And talk shit about your ex-boyfriend. That’s so fun! Everyone wants to do that.

Part of the reason for her awe is the fact that she can relate to T-Swizzle’s personal life.

She told Teen Vogue

“She’s amazing—listening to her songs is like reading a girl’s diary. We’ve gone through a lot of the same relationship things.

5. She Guest Starred on ‘HIMYM’



The starlet played Robin’s younger sister, Katie Scherbatsky, on How I Met Your Mother.