‘Mistresses’ Season 2: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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ABC’s Mistresses returns tonight for another summer of soapy drama and sudsy romance. The lives of the four seductresses pick up eight months after Savi’s car accident and Karen’s brush with death.

Before tonight’s premiere, catch up below on everything that happened with Savi, Karen, April and Josslyn last season and what’s ahead for the sexy mistresses.

1. ABC Imported Mistresses From the U.K.

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The premise of the show originally came from the U.K. series with the same title. Each series features a diverse cast of four women who take part in “illicit and complex relationships” that get them into trouble in their personal and professional lives.

The title may have scared away audiences at first, but star Rochelle Aytes told the Huffington Post the show is much more than “glorifying infidelity.”

We’re not glorifying it. As a matter of fact, we’re showing the downside to it. What happens when you make these bad decisions, you have to live with it. The characters on the show are not happy about the decisions they’ve made. And just like in real life, people make bad choices and they have to deal with that.

2. Savi Throws a Wrench in Her Perfect Family Dream

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Alyssa Milano‘s Savi seemed to have it all when the show premiered: a hunky Australian husband who’s a chef, on track to make partner at her downtown Los Angeles law firm and plans to start a family. That all changes when she breaks from her morally strict lifestyle and sleeps with her co-worker Dominic. No harm, no foul until Savi learns that she’s pregnant and she’s not sure who’s the father.

Milano told E! News she’s just as torn between her husband Harry and baby-daddy Dominic.

“On the one hand she has this husband who she has a history with and they’ve been together a long time. So clearly in her heart she wants to try and make that work, she feels horrible about what she has done. But then on the other side of that there’s Dominic who’s compassionate to what Savi is going through and basically has the view point of I don’t care who that baby’s father is, you know I love you and I want to be with you.”

3. Karen Breaks Therapist Rule No. 1: Don’t Sleep With a Patient

MISTRESSES Episode #11 Clip #2: Karen Talks To Her AttorneyMISTRESSES moves to 9|8c Mondays starting AUGUST 26, 2013 on ABC. Episode 11 clip #2: Karen speaks to her attorney.2013-08-25T22:19:26Z

Doctors are always told to never get involved with their patients. Apparently, Yunjin Kim‘s Karen was sick that day of medical school because she carries on a hot-and-heavy affair with not one, but two of her patients. Even more scandalous: after the man she first sleeps with dies, she starts a sexual relationship with his son.

Her illicit behavior puts her career as a therapist in jeopardy, and may put her life in doubt when the wife and mother of the two men finds out. Kim told The Canadian Press she didn’t fear too much over the fate of her character, unlike another ABC show she starred on.

Mistresses, it’s not like Lost, where I don’t think the main characters really need to worry about being killed off the show. I was feeling a little confident that it wasn’t my blood on that white couch that splattered.”

4. April Can See Her Dead Husband

Mistresses, Rochelle Aytes

(Bob D’Amico/ABC)

Aytes describes her character April as “the naive one of the bunch,” and that title fit the bill when April found out her dead husband had an affair before his death that produced a child. She was trying to move on as a single mother herself, but that news and the reappearance of her supposedly dead husband Paul throws her for a loop.

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Aytes told Huffington Post that the grieving widow and newly single mother angle attracted her to the Mistresses role first.

“Being a widow was just one aspect of her story and I thought it would be very challenging. I was excited to play a mom…I also I liked the qualities of this character, how she was kind of nervous when it comes to getting out there and dating. And I thought that would be fun to play a side of myself.”

5. Joss Tries to Bat Both Ways

Mistresses, Jes Macallan

(Bob D’Amico/ABC)

Unlike her sister Savi, Joss plays the field extensively. She expanded her relationship outlook in the first season when she started up a relationship with her real estate client and lesbian Alex. Joss tried to make their partnership work, but she realized she couldn’t be a lesbian with Alex.

Playing the same-sex relationship wasn’t new to Jes Macallan, and told SheKnows.com that she prepares the same way for straight or gay on-screen relationships.

“I completely understand the idea of a woman falling in love with another woman or a man with another man. The only work I do is on finding the “why.” Why does she fall in love with this person? What is it that is so irresistible to my character? What void does this person fill in my character’s life?”

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