‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Mistresses, Savi receives a mysterious guest at her open house and he needs to speak with her. That will have to wait though, until she and Harry can come to terms on selling their house and her not getting in trouble with her boss/boyfriend Dominic.

Speaking of trouble, her office mate Toni is making some with her inappropriate advances toward their mutual boss, who she saw kissing Savi in his office last week. Two can play that game.

Elsewhere, Karen starts dating again at the encouragement of Joss, who’s playing messenger for her sister and ex-brother-in-law. April needs to plan an exciting party for her daughter’s classmates’ parents, and she meets an intriguing gentlemen who doesn’t let on too much of himself, to April’s great surprise.

Here’s more spoilers from tonight’s episode entitled “Open House.”

1. Savi and Harry Fail to Communicate

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Selling the house looks like a real possibility for Savi and Harry after a positive opening house. Their real estate agent Vanessa expects multiple offers. What neither her or Savi expect is an open house straggler, who arrives late and seems more interested in getting to know Savi than the house. He learns her name, introduces himself as Zack, and then leaves.

Meanwhile, Harry doesn’t think the open house went well given all the negative comments about the house on the realtor’s website. He wants to put a new coat of paint on the guest bedroom walls. Savi doesn’t want to dump anymore money into the house. Neither one will talk to the other about it, leaving poor Joss in the middle as the messenger yet again.

Harry is in such a rush to sell the property, he’s willing to take an ridiculous cash offer that comes in way under the asking price. When Vanessa takes the paper’s to Savi’s office for her to sign, Harry’s ex-wife decides she won’t go forward on a deal until she speaks with Harry, who still isn’t taking her calls. She’s had enough of him ignoring her and marches over to his place to confront him face to face.

The scorned ex does his best to act civil toward Savi, but he finally erupts. He wants to get rid of the house so they can finalize their divorce and be done with each other. That may hurt her as someone who needs to be liked, but he’s been humiliated twice (cheating and not getting picked) and doesn’t care for her feelings much anymore. Savi, “you’re the bad” this time.

She’ll accept his assessment to a point. He didn’t exactly rush to win her back after she initially cheated on him. Instead he dropped out and she couldn’t find him for weeks. Then, just when he thought Savi might die, he tells her to choose him over Dominic. She made mistakes and so did he.

The two finally come to terms on an offer and Savi accepts she has to let some things go. Someone not letting go is the mysterious Zack from the open house who returns to Savi’s home and tells her he really stopped by to talk to her.

2. Toni Makes a Play for Dominic While Savi’s Out

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While Savi’s mind and body are elsewhere, her office mate Toni turns up the heat on their boss Dominic.

First Savi plays the boyfriend card with Dominic to get her out of work for a few hours, while she deals with the latest house crisis. She promises to return before the afternoon meetings, but she doesn’t quite make it. Instead, she walks in just as the clients and Toni are exiting the conference room.

Savi apologizes for absence and Dom tells her he’s not angry despite his demeanor. He tells her Toni covered, but before she can comment on that fact, he tells her he doesn’t want to hear her complains about the new associate. He also won’t accept the boyfriend card in the future if it pertains to her ex husband.

Covering a meeting is one thing, but Toni wants much more from Dominic. She corners the boss in his office and tells him she’s jealous his visits to her office aren’t for her anymore, but Savi. She thought they had something going while Savi was gone and recuperating. Dom shuts down her advances, but Toni still walks away with a smile on her face. This chica won’t give up.

Later, Savi calls to apologize to Dom. He says he was mad, but that was him being stupid. She promises that Dom will only be her boyfriend after hours. She’s also promises not to bring up Toni anymore, to which Dom makes no effort to talk about his steamy encounter with the little vixen earlier. Secrets, secrets are no fun.

3. April Needs to Throw a Theme Party in Less Than 12 Hours


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April’s in charge of the upcoming parents’ party for her daughter’s school. She doesn’t have much planned but pizza and beer, but she’ll need to come up with something extravagant to compete with previous parties. Someone threw a party with the Marine Corps. band for gosh sakes.

April confesses she has no clue what kind of party to throw to her best gay friend Mickey. She can’t drop this on party planner Joss so quick, but Mickey tells her to leave it all to him. What a doozy! He hires some very attractive men to serve tequila drinks in multi-colored shot glasses while shirtless and covered in splatter paint. The party works for most of the parents, except for one couple where the husband is paying more attention to the servers than his wife.

April also spots an intriguing man Steven who asks her out. She’s not sure because of Daniel, but the man hasn’t called in three days. Mickey tells her she needs to stop putting all her eggs in one basket. She decides to let loose and take the coffee date with Steven.

4. April Takes on Another Man While Daniel’s Away


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April accepts the single father Steven’s offer for coffee. She’s not impressed when they sit down and all he can talk about it his extensive car collection. She only has a jeep, but he tries to save the conversation saying he donates to charity, anonymously, but he’s “pretty generous.” April’s ready to leave and she’s tries to end the date with a simple handshake. Lover boy is totally blind and goes in for a kiss instead. April backs away, puts him down gently and then quickly gets out of there.

She tells Mickey later that she just wants to wait for Daniel to return and that she only wants one man in her life.

But her time with Steven isn’t over yet. Lucy’s friend Peyton set up cocktails between April and her parents. April answer’s the door to Peyton’s mother Samantha who’s going on about the wine from the 1950s while her husband retrieves it from the car. When April turns back to the door, Samantha’s husband walks in and it’s none other than Steven.

5. Karen Jumps Back Into the Dating Pool

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Karen has a coffee date with Jacob, who got her suspended last year. He really just had hard feeling for her not recognizing his flirty advances, which she did not see. Joss tells her that they all saw it, but she was too wrapped up in sleeping with her patient and then her patient’s son. Joss encourages her to get back into the dating game.

Karen’s first date is with the ER doctor Casey who had asked her out numerous times before. Joss is proud of Karen getting back out there, until her friend takes the easy way out by asking a guy she knew would say yes.

Later Karen starts playing scenarios out in her empty apartment on how she’ll ask out Jacob. She finally calls him, and he picks up. She stalls saying how nice it was to see him. Tells him about her date, because she didn’t have nerve to ask him in the first place. Jacob remains silent, and doesn’t think it will work between them because of all their history. He offers to go out for lunch as friends, but thanks her for calling.

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