‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s Mistresses, Savi has an interesting exchange with the man, Zach, who appeared on the doorstep last week. Joss meets a new guy in a sort of blind date thanks to Harry’s girlfriend Kyra.

April’s relationship with her new beau takes a big step when Daniel asks to meet her friends. Unfortunately for Karen, her return to the dating world isn’t quite working out.

Here’s what else you need to know about tonight’s episode, “Friends With Benefits.”

1. Zach Wants to Connect With Savi Over the Accident

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The man who showed up on Savi‘s doorstep last week is named Zach Kilmer. He was driving the car that hit Savi at the end of last season. Zach dominates their conversation for the most part, talking about the metal plate in his back and his lack of insurance. He can’t work, and his $300 for disability doesn’t help much. Zach discovered her name when it kept popping up in all the documents he had to sign over the last eight months.

Given all the talk of money, Savi thinks Zach is asking her for some, but he’s offended she would even think that was his purpose for coming. He just wants someone to talk to about the trauma of such an accident (at least that’s his story for now).

Savi tries to make up for her mistake with two tickets to see Red Hot Chili Peppers (How did she discover his favorite band? Through a Google search, of course).

Zach stops by again, and Savi’s relieved to see he didn’t tear them up (they cost $200 each and they weren’t even floor seats). He tells her that he feels broken and he thought meeting her in person would help him not feel so ashamed. with her, he wouldn’t feel so ashamed. He accuses Savi of being able to move past the whole event, but she quickly corrects him. For the first time in eight months, Savi finally unleashes how she really feels since the accident and the trauma of losing her baby.

She doesn’t recognize herself with her friends, at her old job or in her house. She was supposed to be a mother by now. She had bought a crib and baby clothes, and she had picked out names. She felt the baby every moment of every day and now she may never get that chance again. The confession is too much for her, and Savi falls into Zach’s chest crying.

2. Karen Considers a Side Career in the Escort Service



Karen quickly discovers the pitfalls of dating in the 21st century. You’re personal life is fair game thanks to Google. Sean, her first date from the online service, probes her about the hostage situation with Elizabeth and what Karen felt having a gun in her face. Not exactly first date material, dear Sean.

Karen talks the date over with Joss and April. They encourage her to scrap the online dating and put herself out there more. Karen just wants to go back in time 20 years when people couldn’t discover your secrets with one click of the mouse.

The psychiatrist decides to forego dating and throw herself into her work. Her post-suicidal patient Anna sparks an idea for a different avenue into the dating scene, though: a paid escort. The more her patient talks about the lifestyle — rich guys, gorgeous dresses, amazing places — the more Karen wants to learn about it.

She can’t stand being alone anymore, especially when she has to play the fifth wheel at dinner with Savi, Dominic, April and Daniel. As the two couples converse, Karen spaces out and can only see the happy couples all around her. She excuses herself to the bathroom, and Savi follows her. Karen thinks she will always be alone, and feels the same way even when she’s around people. She can’t move past everything that happened with the Grey family, because she can’t share that experience with someone who will understand. Karen can’t hold it together, and leaves the restaurant.

At her next session with Anna, Karen learns that her patient changes her name when she goes out for her escort job. Her new identity has no past, no problems and is totally free. Karen uses this information and takes herself out to a swanky lounge. Looking amazing in a tight black dress, she takes a seat at the bar, and a gentlemen sits down next to her and asks her name. “I’m Jennifer.”

Not exactly the most seductive name, but she’s a beginner.

3. Joss Finds A New Man

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Joss printed new business cards with her and Harry face on them. Seems a little busy, and Harry’s not thrilled about his scruffy mug on the card, but Joss loves them. So does their past client Janine Winterbaum, who stops by to give the party planners their check for the Arabian soiree they threw two weeks ago.

Janine offers to pass around Joss and Harry’s business cards at a charity event she’s attending the next evening. She even invites the two to the event, but there’s one hang up: a table cost $5000. Joss, desperate for business, goes all in and purchases a table without Harry’s help. Harry asks Joss if the other girls will be joining their table, but she can’t invite April and Karen without inviting Savi. Harry loss the friends in the divorce, except Joss that is.

The next night at the charity event, Joss, Harry and his girlfriend Kyra arrive at the table to discover Kyra has invited a cute guy named Scott, who’s a plastic surgeon. He makes small talk with Joss, and then reveals he doesn’t go on many blind dates. Blind date? That’s news to Joss.

Kyra apparently doesn’t understand that for a blind date to work she needs to tell both or neither of the people going on the date.

Joss feels bad bailing on Scott, who’s sitting alone at the table. She excuses herself from a potential client and goes over to chat with the guy who’s looks like a lost Labradoodle pup. He asks for at least 60 seconds of awkward date conversation with Joss and then he’ll go hit on someone else. Joss asks the plastic surgeon what he do to fix her face and gives the most gentlemen response: he’d tell her to get out of his office because she’s already stunning. Perfect answer!

Scott won’t give up with simple small talk at a swanky benefit and sends Joss an adorable Labradoodle puppy is on the phone with her bank. This guy is good.

While Joss made a new friend and got a puppy out of last night’s event, Harry picked up two big clients. He also pays Joss his half for the table and lets her know that he broke up with Kyra. No great loss, Harry.

4. Daniel Wants to Meet April’s Friends

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Daniel has returned to April‘s cocoon, but he’s ready to move their relationship beyond the bedroom. He wants to meet the important people in his girlfriend’s life.

So April sets up a dinner and invites her girlfriends to meet Daniel. Joss can’t attend because of the charity event, but Karen’s free for the foreseeable future. The girls haven’t spoken with Savi in awhile, but she and Dominic do make it to the dinner. Before Daniel arrives though, April lays down some ground rules for the conversation that evening. Basically, no one speaks of Paul or anything that will tie back to Paul. Got it? Good.

The limited conversation leads to some awkward moments between Daniel and the ladies. They fear anything they say will reveal too much of April’s past. After dinner, Daniel asks why April’s friends seemed nervous and admits that she didn’t want them to reveal anything too personal about her. He wanted to learn those things tonight, but with April’s action, he’s not sure if they really want the same things at all.

April knows she made a mistake earlier and goes to Daniel’s apartment. She reveals that she was married to Paul, that they met in high school and they weren’t married anymore. Luckily for her, that’s enough for him to invite her in.

Later, April sneaks away from their cocoon to use the restroom when Daniel receives a call from a Jessica. He answers, tells the woman he can’t talk and hangs up the phone.

5. Dominic Wants to Go Public With Savi

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Dominic comes to see Savi in the office, while Toni’s downtown taking depositions. He wants to go public with their relationship. Savi seems hesitant but agrees to meet with human resources later that day.

The head of HR appreciates the couple’s initiative to meet with her so early in their relationship, before they have had any problems. During the meeting, Savi’s secretary, who’s ordering those Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, interrupts to let Savi know her credit card expired. When Dom asks who the tickets are for, Savi lies and tells him they’re for Joss’ birthday. The secrets begin.

Dom and Savi enjoy their night with April, Daniel and Karen, even though the latter had to leave early. She tells him about what Karen goes through, and her cryptic description sounds much like what’s she’s going through these days. Naive Dom says he’s grateful that Savi’s been able to move past her traumatic experience and that they’re in a good place. Since they’re communicating, or at least he is, Dom tells Savi about Toni’s advances the week before. That’s why they went to HR. He doesn’t want any secrets between them. Too late for that, Dom.

Dom and Savi are watching TV and he asks about her day. She says it was uneventful (obviously it wasn’t).