‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Mistresses, Savi takes a walk on the wild side with her crash buddy Zack Kilmer. Her baby sister Joss has serious concerns about the friendship, especially when it comes to Savi keeping it a secret from boyfriend Dominic.

When not trying to solve big sister’s problem, Joss has an interesting situation of her own with new beau Scott. Karen has discovered a new way to date without suffering from the “Google effect,” and April grows suspicious of Daniel when Karen spots him out at the club with another woman.

Read on to see how the four women handle their multiple secrets in the episode, “Playing With Fire.”

1. Savi Lets Loose With Zack

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Savi shares with Joss about her friendship with Zack, the guy who hit Savi in the car accident from last year. She’s been talking on the phone with him and meeting up in person a couple times. Joss wonders if he’s the reason Savi’s missed the past two girls nights, but big sis claims work has kept her from the gals. Savi hasn’t told Dom yet, but she’s working on it.

Zack calls and invites Savi to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert after his friend dropped out. After the concert, she’s not ready to head home yet so he takes her to a tattoo parlor. Savi can’t believe she got inked and looks at it as a new beginning. “I’m a badass,” she says. Zack confesses he never invited anyone else to the concert, because he likes hanging out with someone who understands what he’s going through. Before he goes, the two share a platonic hug and a fist bump.

The next morning when Joss spots the tattoo she freaks. She asks Savi how Dom will feel about the neck art and Savi thinks he’ll find it sexy. Joss doesn’t like what she’s seeing and immediately calls Karen for back up.

Joss, Karen and April throw a brief intervention for their friend Savi. They’re surprised Savi kept Zack a secret this long when she usually tells her friends everything that happens in her life (including buying a new luffa). Savi says she and Zack weirdly bonded and she’s feeling back on track in her life. Karen and April accept their friend’s new choices, but Joss still isn’t convinced.

That night, Joss confronts her sister again. Savi tries the silent treatment, but then tells her little sister that she’s mad Joss didn’t keep Zack a secret from the ladies and thought their relationship had changed. Joss thinks Savi’s being too risky and that she’s lying to not only Dom, but herself too. Zack cuts the sisters’ argument short when he arrives to go out with Savi again. He introduces himself to Joss, but she wants nothing to do with him.

Savi tells Zack everything is fine, but then takes his keys and pulls him out to the car. She stays quiet behind the wheel and then accelerates quickly down the on ramp to conquer her fear of highway driving she developed after the accident. Hold on tight!

2. Karen Can’t Stop Serial Dating

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After finishing a session, Karen heads out for another night of sexy pretend. Tonight, she’s playing the part of Valerie, a Pilates instructor who used to dance ballet until she tore her knee. Her story convinces the banker to invite Karen up to his hotel room and leaves his key card on the bar. She doesn’t accept his offer but she does take the card with her (Hey, she couldn’t just leave it there).

VideoVideo related to ‘mistresses’ season 2 episode 5 recap: top 5 spoilers2014-06-30T23:20:21-04:00

The next day Karen confesses her recent dating scheme to April. She’s gone on nine of these dates as a preschool teacher, Pilates instructor and a boutique owner named Annie, just like April. To April’s relief, none of Karen’s relationships have led to sex. She doesn’t want to rain on Karen’s “slutty parade,” but she doesn’t want her friend to get hurt. Karen’s having fun now, but if she wants to take the relationship further, it will be hard when she’s pretending to be someone else.

Karen does her best to quit cold turkey, but she can’t help herself. She heads back out to the club and the first guy she chats up, she follows back up to his hotel room to quickly undress.

3. Daniel Sees Another Woman Behind April’s Back

April’s daughter Lucy loves Daniel, especially when he lets her sculpt their mashed potatoes. When he goes to wash his hands, April tells her daughter that she’s falling in love with Daniel too. April thinks her relationship is too perfect and effortless, but Karen tells her she deserves it.

Over hot fudge sundaes, Daniel confesses that he loves April too. She invites him back to her apartment, but he claims he has to catch another red eye to Vermont. That’s not quite true when Karen sees Daniel out at the club with a redheaded woman.

The next morning, Karen goes to see April, who just sold a mug to Ryan Gosling. Karen lets it slip that she saw Daniel the night before. When April tells her Daniel is in Vermont, Karen tries to back track and claim maybe she didn’t see him. It was dark… in the Starbucks… with bad lighting.

April sneaks over to Daniel’s apartment to see if he really left. When no one answers, she unlocks the door and starts to snoop around inside. She stops when she finds a picture on display of her and Daniel kissing.

Daniel calls her later. He assures her their finishing up work in Vermont and he could be home tomorrow. In reality, he’s sitting in a car waiting for the same redhead from the club to return with coffees.

4. Joss’ New Man Has a Kinky Fetish

Unfortunately, Joss’ allergies won’t allow her to keep the cute labradoodle her new beau Scott bought her last week. Scott’s next way to impress Joss is by throwing a party for her and Harry to plan. He’s even willing to pay her much more than her regular rate. She tells Scott if he wants to see her all he has to do is call. He takes her advice and asks her out for a date.

The two seem to hit it off over dinner but things fizzle out when they go under the sheets. Joss doesn’t think they’re going to work, but Scott’s been holding back. He opens up his walk-in closet filled with women’s shoes that would rival Carrie Bradshaw’s collection.

Scott likes women with sexy legs to wear his sexy shoes. It’s a little freaky, but Joss likes it. She goes to pick out a pair to wear, but he chooses the shoes. In her case though, Scott wants to take it slow and date Joss first. Then he’ll let her wear the shoes. While she waits, Joss sends him a picture of her wearing a pair of her own sexy heels with the caption, “Thinking of you.”

5. Dominic Deals With the Aftermath of Revealing Office Relationship

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While Savi goes on her play dates with Zack, Dominic tries to save their working relationship. The partners keep Dom out of a meeting after someone files a complaint against him. They pull Savi off of Dom’s cases because they think he’s being too lenient on his girlfriend.

When Dom tells Savi, she thinks it’s for the best and he’s pissed. Savi doesn’t mind the decrease in workload since she’s only working part time. Dom spots Toni lurking outside his office after he talks to Savi and makes the connection that she made the complaint.

She claims the complaint had nothing to do with him shutting down her advances, and more to do with taking on more responsibility. She didn’t appreciate how her case load went down when Savi returned, so with Savi not working for him anymore, Toni gets her cases. She plans to make partner, a long shot in Dom’s world, but she’s confident that she’ll get her way in the end.