‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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ABC’s soapy drama Mistresses returned to pick up with the four sexy ladies eight months after Savi’s accident left her coding on her hospital bed with her estranged husband Harry and baby-daddy Dominic looking on.

Fortunately, Savi is back at home but her friend Karen’s is mourning the loss of her lover Sam Grey, who died at the hand of his own mother’s gun.

Read on to find out how Savi, Karen, April and Joss have all moved on in the last eight months.

1. Dominic Wins Savi’s Heart Over Harry

Mistresses, Alyssa Milano

(Adam Taylor/ABC)

Savi survived her near-fatal car accident and her best gal pals helped her through the next eight months of rehab, including six surgeries. The girls are back to sipping wine (or maybe just coffee for Savi), but they’re not telling each other everything.

Savi feels the need to seize the day now that she’s cheated death, and her first order of business is sleeping with her new boyfriend Dominic for only the second time in their relationship (first time since she split from her husband Harry). A little afternoon delight will keep her occupied for the moment, but Savi is struggling without her career back at the law firm (with new law partner Dom).

She won’t like what she finds back at work: a young hot female associate who looks to have her eyes on Dominic as well.

2. Karen Goes to Therapy After Sam Grey’s Death

Mistresses, Yunjin Kim, Catherine Haena Kim

(Anthony Michael Rivetti/ABC)

Good, and somewhat surprising, news for Karen: her suspension ended two months ago, but she hasn’t returned to her private practice. Her own therapist Dr. Blakeley finds this suspicious, but Karen’s enjoying her time working in the hospital ER. She’s also not being completely honest with the doctor about her weekly trips to Sam Grey’s grave site, a practice she has continued but tells Blakeley she stopped.

A young Korean woman named Anna will change Karen’s decision about returning to private practice. Karen realizes Anna tried to commit suicide even though she said the marks around her neck were caused by rough sex. The young woman wants to continue her therapy with Karen, but the now ER doc suggests she speak with someone else.

Another stop by Blakeley’s office will change Karen’s mind completely. She decides to leave therapy and with a quick message to Anna, she’s back to private practice.

3. April Needs to Find Her Creative Mojo Again

Mistresses, Rochelle Aytes

(Nicole Wilder/ABC)

April has set out to find a new man in the online dating world and it’s not going so well (dates at a pig farm are not the way to a girl’s heart). Her gay best friend and business partner Mickey suggests she needs to get her creative mojo back and return to her art passion.

She finds more than her mojo at a pop art show, where she spots a gorgeous man showing his art. The single mother needs some liquid courage to finally speak to the “sexy, smoldering” man, but when she finally does, he suggests a date back at his studio the next day (you know, to check out his art, of course).

Mr. Sexy Smoldering shows April his art and much more. The date leads to an artistic revelation for April who returns home to complete a mosaic piece out of her boring white desk.

4. Punky Brewster Does Not Want Joss Planning Her Party

Joss’ party planner business is off to a modest start in its first six months, taking gigs mainly from her friends. Her baby shower for Erin Salzman went well, but Joss doesn’t want to share that with her big sis Savi, who miscarried Dominic’s baby due to the accident.

Things are looking up for Joss when she lands a client she’s never met, and it’s Soleil Moon Frye a.k.a. Punky Brewster. The former child star likes Joss’ style, but doesn’t think she has the experience necessary and suggests she hire a team to help her business.

At the art show, Karen tells Joss to ask soon-to-be ex brother-in-law Harry to help find potential clients. Harry is happy to oblige and even offers himself as Joss’ full-time caterer. She’s not too keen on the idea given that he “hates” her sister Savi, but after meeting with some not so great chefs, she calls Harry with a job offer.

5. Harry Moved on to Date Kyra

Mistresses, Brett Tucker


Harry didn’t waste any time moving on from Savi after she chose Dominic over him. He has continued his relationship with the “slutty hostess” Kyra. They both have some extra time on their hands since the restaurant they worked at closed, but Kyra plans to keep their mornings “interesting.”

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