Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Top 5 Spoilers

orange is the new black season 2

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In the Season 2 premiere of the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, Piper gets transferred to a prison in Chicago so she can testify in Alex’s boss’s trial. Here are the five most important things that happened in this exciting episode. (Fun fact: the premiere was directed by none other than Jodie Foster.)

1. Chapman Makes Some Crazy Person Art

orange is the new black


The episode opens Chapman in a solitary cell. She seems like she is going a bit crazy, and has taken to decorating one wall of the cell with her “art.” Since she doesn’t have any paints or pencil, she uses her breakfast to paint the walls. She calls her creation “Thirsty Bird,” because it looks like a bird drinking from a flower. One guard says it looks like “the yellow Angry Bird.”

She gets taken out of her cell and shoved onto a bus, and freaks out even more when nobody tells her where she’s going. Her time in the SHU has clearly had an impact on her, and she seems pretty fragile compared to when we saw last saw her (on top of Pennsatucky, beating her to a pulp.)

2. Chapman Gets Her Own Version of Con Air

orange is the new black


The bus takes Chapman and a whole pile of other female prisoners to an airport, where they are placed on an airplane. Nobody will tell Chapman and the other women where they are going, and Chapman thinks that she is being sent someplace because of her attack on Pennsatucky. Piper talks with the woman in the seat next to her, and tearfully confesses her feelings about the darkness she feels growing inside her since punching Pennsatucky.

“I don’t know if it grew there recently, or if it’s always been there…but I couldn’t stop,” she cries out.

Piper is convinced that she killed Pennsatucky for pretty much the whole episode, until she reconnects with Alex and learns that Pennsatucky survived that brutal beatdown.

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3. Piper Kills Yoda

orange is the new black


Piper lands in Chicago and gets transferred to a new prison. Poor girl just can’t catch a break. Literally seconds after entering her new cell, she enrages her cellmates. Piper accidentally steps on “Yoda,” their pet cockroach. The ladies in the cell go absolutely ballistic, which is bad news for Piper. Some of these chicks are pretty rough, and one of the cell mates actually bit off her girlfriend’s tongue and swallowed it.

Apparently these prisoners train roaches like Yoda to run little errands, like sending cigarettes to other cells. Plus, the cellmates just seemed to like the little guy. RIP Yoda, you were the first death of Season 2.

4. Flashbacks Reveal Piper’s Conflicted Childhood

orange is the new black


A series of flashbacks show a younger Piper going through various childhood conflicts. Young Piper seems to be a bit of a goody two-shoes. She is seen not engaging in various shenanigans that her classmates enjoy. When she sneaks into an R-rated movie, she sees her Dad kissing another woman. Later on, when she tells her mother what she saw her father doing, her mother grounds her.

Piper does have a cool grandmother, at least…though Grams deals out some harsh truths about life. When Piper asks her grandmother why her mother grounded her, Grams tells her that what is “right” and what is “wrong” isn’t as easy as it seems.

“Sometimes it’s not a matter of right and wrong,” Grams says. “It’s about making a choice that will cause the least amount of pain to a person…and living with your secrets.”

These flashbacks relate to Piper’s predicament today, because her family taught her from a young age that telling the truth isn’t always a good thing. However, her lawyer says she must tell the truth while testifying in the trial against Alex’s boss. Piper is afraid to tell the truth, but also wants to do the right thing.

5. Piper Testifies in Chicago Court, Alex Screws Her Over

orange is the new black


After being sworn in, Piper is asked to explain her role in the drug ring, and explain her relationship with Alex. Piper says that, in 2003 when she committed the crime, Alex was “the love of my life.” She gets grilled pretty hard by the lawyer for the prosecution, who sort of accuses her of lying under oath.

Piper says she doesn’t recall most of the events related to her crime because she was so in love with Alex. A flashback shows that Piper was aware of more aspects of the drug trade that she admitted to in court. She perjures herself in court to protect Alex, and her lawyer says he’s done with her. Unfortunately, Alex tells the whole truth, essentially screwing Piper over.

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