Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Top 5 Spoilers

With Season 2 of Orange is the New Black winding down, what will happen to Piper and her merry band? Let’s see what happens in season 2, episode 11.

Here is the recap, review, and best spoilers of the episode:

1. We See Sister Jane’s Backstory

orange is the new black episode 11 season 2

After almost 2 full seasons, we finally get to learn more about Sister Jane’s backstory. It begins with her becoming politically awakened by anti-Vietnman war protests. As a young nun initiate, she hitchhikes to protests.

Once her old activism experience comes back to her Sister Jane joins Soso’s hunger strike in order to improve the prison’s treatment of the elderly. The title of the episode, “Take a Break From Your Values,” comes from Sister Jane’s encouragement to have the less dedicated hunger strikers back down by eating pizza.

In flash backs we learn that Sister Jone’s activism made her prideful and the church excommunicated her when they believed she was getting arrested and protesting for the fame rather than the cause.

2. Piper Puts Alex on Her Call List

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Piper, telling her supervisor that she needs “closure” for her relationship with Alex Voss, requests that she is put on her call list. On the phone, Alex reveals that her former drug smuggling boss is out free even though she testified against him. Alex, now living in Queens, is worried her old boss and his crew might come looking for her to get revenge for testifying.

3. Larry & Polly Fess Up to Her Husband

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The time has come for Larry and Polly to fess up to their affair. They sit down with her husband and confess. After a brief confusion as to whether or not Larry and Polly are requesting a threesome, Pete soon learns that Polly wants to leave him to be with the single Larry.

4. Red & the Gang Kicks Big Boo Out of the ‘Family’

orange is the new black season 2

People should know not to mess with Red by now, but some people will just never learn. After learning that Boo ratted her out and the gang confronts her in the yard. They give her a bag of Jolly Ranchers and say it is the last thing she will every receive from them. Boo is officially kicked out of the “family.”

5. One of V’s Crew Gets Shanked

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One of V’s crew gets shanked by someone as tensions heat up against the rival factions. We’ll have to wait till the next episode to see whether she lives or dies.