Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Top 5 Spoilers

a whole other whole orange is the new black


We’re getting deep in “A Whole Other Hole.” Everyone’s evolving… but not everyone’s getting stronger. We learn all about Lorna—finally—and Piper’s actually getting the hang of this prison thing. Having a newbie around is good for her; she’s no longer bottom of the barrel. Red and Nichols are both getting back into their respective kind of grooves.

Here’s what went down: spoilers ahead.

lorna makes a run for it bathtub crazy


1. Lorna Makes A Run For It

While taking Rosa for chemo, Lorna escapes in the van when she’s supposed to be waiting in the parking garage. She breaks into her ex-fiance Chris’s house. While there she tries on Chris’s new fiance, Angela’s, wedding veil and takes a bubble bath. I mean, what?

Shattered by framed photos of Chris and Angela all over the house, Angela finds her wedding gown in the closet. At the beginning of the episode we learn that Lorna had been accused of credit card fraud, and mail fraud, and seen the start of her relationship with Chris. While she’s bathing (wearing her ex-fiance’s new fiance’s wedding veil, in their master bathroom), we flashback to a court trial where it’s revealed that her relationship with Chris was never real. They had only gone on one date, he filed a restraining order, and eventually Lorna was convicted of planting an explosive device under Angela’s car. Back in the bathtub, Chris comes home and Lorna manages to escape. She returns to the hospital to pick up Rosa without anyone finding out she’s been gone.

Turns out Lorna’s a nut job.

red finds a greenhouse makes a scheme


2. Piper Grows A Pair And Red Gets Dirty

With Chicago behind her, Piper isn’t taking crap from anyone. Realizing the inmates have taken her belongings while gone, she makes the rounds and demands her things back. Yoga Jones timidly surrenders flip-flops and Piper stands up to Piper is assigned to bunk with Red; things get off to a rocky start when Piper moves Red’s belongings after being told not to. Red’s on her own now, though, out of the kitchen and abandoned by her friends. Seeing few other options than to pick up crocheting with the other older women, Red opens up to Piper.

While out working Red discovers an overgrown greenhouse. Pissed that Caputo won’t blame Pornstache for Miller’s death, Red decides she can’t rot away crocheting. We’re not sure what she’s planning, but it’s something big.

nichols has sex with brook makes bet with big boo


3. Nichols And Big Boo Make A Bet

Big Boo finds Nichols’s “f*ck book” and challenges her to a not-so-friendly competition for Brook. Big Boo makes a deal with Piper to return Piper’s stolen blanket if Piper get her Brook. Piper does her best to scare Brook into finding a good prison wife, reminding Brook of her vulnerable position as fresh meat. Brook catches on, horrified: “You were trying to trade me? For a blanket?” Nichols finds Brook crying and takes her to the chapel to make her feel better. This, of course, is what Nichols does best, but Brook won’t shut up long enough to enjoy it. Poor Nichols. It looks like her victory over Big Boo is looking less than sweet.

poussey and vee have a falling out turns T against her


4. It’s War Between Poussey And Vee Parker

Vee Parker may have been like Taystee’s mom in another lifetime, but Mama’s back and she’s making and breaking alliances. Vee approaches Poussey to sell the hooch that she makes, proposing a business deal. Poussey tells her that making hooch “isn’t like that for me,” that it’s something she likes to do for her friends. Vee is clearly not pleased when Poussey declines the proposal. Later, Poussey and Taystee are playing in the bunk and kiss. Poussey is obviously affected, Taystee gently reminds her that she’s not gay, that they’ve been “through this.” Vee sees them spooning and plants the seed in Taystee’s mind that Poussey isn’t her real friend, that she wouldn’t be outside prison. Taystee disses Poussey at movie night.

larry has an affair with polly


5. Larry Gets Cozy With Polly

Pete’s always gone and Polly has the baby, and, you know, Larry’s ex-fiance and Polly’s best friend is in jail… and Larry and Polly are getting close. Yeah, ok, saw that one coming, but they’re somehow pretty cute together. An old couple sitting outside of Murray’s Bagels tells them they look perfect together, and their made-up meeting involving Star Wars was pretty endearing.

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