Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Top 5 Spoilers

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“No one gives a shit about old people. We remind everyone they’re gonna die.” This episode revolved heavily around death– between Miss Rosa dealing with her sickness and Piper’s dying grandmother, we couldn’t really evade the idea of meeting the end. New stories unraveled and old relationships were tested.

Here’s what you need to know.

1.Piper’s Grandmother Dies

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Piper is granted furlough– Healy pulls a few strings to make it happen. It seems like he’s trying to redeem himself after what happened in last season’s finale. But getting furlough is such a sought-after and rare thing that everyone starts hating her. So, Piper goes to Healy and tells him she wants out– she’s too much of a target to leave the prison.

In a scene where Healy delivers what Piper says is the best advice he’s given yet, he tells Chapman to suck it up and that she’s going to see her grandmother. When she calls home to see who will be picking her up and taking her to the hospital, her mother informs her that her grandmother passed away the night before. Piper breaks down into tears, sobbing “I missed it. I missed it.”

2. Healy Tells Rosa She’s Going to Die

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Rosa, we find out, is a bank-robbing queen. Unfortunately, though, her adventures take the lives of some of her closest friends, which only makes her want to lash out and rob more banks.

Early on in the episode, Healy tells Miss Rosa she’s going to die. Well– he doesn’t break the news quite that harsh, but Rosa knows the reality of her situation. She delivers a moving and horribly sad speech at the end of the episode about how terrified she is of dying, despite her mental toughness.

While receiving treatment in the hospital,  Rosa teaches a young boy the best way to steal a nurse’s wallet and they bond over the situation. She later sees him crying with his mother, and assumes he’s going to die. She’s devastated, even though she barely knew the kid. “All the men in my life die.”  He cuts her off and tells her he’s not dying– he’s in remission. He’s crying out of happiness. She’s ecstatic about this and genuinely tells him to have a good life. Rosa has a big heart, it seems.

3. Caputo Fires Fischer

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Okay– yes, it’s probably because he’s mad she’s not interested in him. But it still happens. The new regulations enforced in the prison are completely ridiculous and unfair, and piss off Fischer and the other prison guards. When Fisher decides to stand up and speak her mind to Caputo, though, he fires her. It’s completely irrational, of course, but there’s not much Fischer can do to change his mind. Later, Nicky tells Fischer she should be happy and that this is the best thing that could have happened to her.

4. Piper Makes a Rant About White Privilege

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“I am sorry that I got the raw deal, but I love my fuck*** grandmother.” Piper gets so angry that everyone’s treating her poorly about furlough that she stands up and makes a speech in the middle of the cafeteria about white privilege and how she can’t help her situation– her grandmother is ill and she needs to see her. Crazy Eyes responds to the speech by throwing food at Piper’s head.

5. Pornstache Is Back

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After Fischer is fired, Figuero and Caputo have an argument over who they can hire for $18/hour at the prison. Caputo says he’ll find a worthy replacement when Fig tells him it’s already been done. Flash forward, and we seen Pornstache getting out of his car. Seems like things are going to get spicy again.

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