‘Party Down South’ Season 2 Premiere: Spoilers, Cast & Episodes

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Tonight, the new season of Party Down South returns for a second season at 10:00 p.m. on CMT, relocating the show to Athens, Georgia. The first season took place in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. We’ve got all the latest info we could find on the premiere, the new season, the cast, the fights, and more. Check it out.

– Housemates start to hook up and drama ensues. Ryan Richards, aka “Daddy”, and Taylor Wright, aka “Lil Bit”, develop feelings for each other, but things do not go as planned and the two end up fighting. Richards explodes and destroys some things in the house.

– The show has relocated to a college town (Athens) and cast member Josh Murray has given his views on the new setting, telling NOLA:

Actually, I was somewhat hesitant to accept how friendly they were. Last season, we were in South Carolina, and there wasn’t really anybody that liked us. We learned to get defensive when we’d go out, and just try to keep to ourselves and not try to get in any kind of trouble. When we got to Georgia, the first night there we stayed in the house, and then when we started going out, man, I tell you, people were coming up to us to introduce themselves. They knew who we were. They were very nice to us.

Even though the residents were “nice” to the cast at first, there’s no telling if their kindness continued. Upon discussion of a third season, the town of Athens is said to not feel as friendly towards the show.

– Now check out the rest of the sneak peeks we’ve gathered for you: