Patrick Jagodzinski, ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Patrick Jagodzinski is one of the contestants competing for the heart of Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette. Have a look at the 5 Fast Facts on Patrick and why there’s so much more to him than what we get to see on the show.

1. Patrick Has a Milestone Tattoo

What’s a “milestone tattoo”? It’s what’s on Patrick’s right arm. When Patrick was 18 years old and left home for college, he wanted to do something for the first time as an adult out on his own. Getting a tattoo was the direction he decided to go in and he even helped the tattoo artist design it. The really special thing about the tattoo is that Patrick adds to it whenever something important in his life happens. With every milestone in his life, comes a new ink addition.

2. Sailing Is One of His Biggest Passions

Patrick grew up sailing with his family since he was about 8 years old. In fact, his parents used to have two boats – one they gave away to charity and the other was a beautiful racing catamaran that was lost in Hurricane Sandy. Patrick’s family lived by Round Valley Reservoir in Clinton, New Jersey and used to go sailing every weekend. Have a look at Patrick with his parents and brother in the sweet photo below.

3. Moving to California Was a Scary Decision For Him

Growing up in New Jersey, when Patrick was offered a job in California, he was excited for the big move, but very nervous. Moving across the country is scary for anyone. Fortunately, he also has family on the west coast. Patrick currently lives in Newport and is adjusting to the laid-back lifestyle, but never gets tired of driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in his convertible. Another plus of where he lives is that it’s fairly easy to meet new people, which is a definite advantage.

4. Patrick Never Banked On His Looks

Patrick considers himself an ugly duckling story, though he’s anything but that. When Patrick was younger, he was a little more filled out and a lot shorter, but still had the same adorable face. Despite his appearing very confident today, he’s actually a bit modest. He insists he’s never banked on his looks, because of his upbringing. Patrick has always felt that personality and intelligence are what are most important, in both himself and a future wife. Patrick’s also a little bit of a daredevil. He once took a girl skydiving on their first date.

5. He’s a Huge Formula 1 Racing Fan

If you want to get Patrick excited, strike up a conversation about the Rangers or Formula 1 Racing. And, if you’ve been watching The Bachelorette, you’ve seen that Patrick actually befriended contestant Andrew over their love of racing. Last year, Patrick attended a Formula 1 race in Austin with his brother and he’d love to go back in the future. He’s a huge Lewis Hamilton fan and the technology used in racing is what most draws him to the sport.

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