‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: Top Spoilers & Highlights

Tonight was the season 5 premiere of Pretty Little Liars and we’ve got the entire episode’s run-down for you below. Check it out.

The show starts out with Ezra being taken to the hospital by ambulance after being shot on last season’s finale. The shooter (A) actually follows him to the hospital.

The girls fear Ezra’s life is in danger at the hospital (and they’re right), so they call the police anonymously and split up.

Spencer’s sister, Melissa Hastings, is crying about Alison to her mother and just as she’s about to confess something, the police come looking for Cece. It appears that Melissa’s father knows what Melissa was about to reveal.

While on the operating table, Ezra flatlines, but is able to pull through. The shooter tries to get to Ezra, but runs into police and backs off. Nonetheless, the shooter is still lurking around the hospital, spying on the girls. Strangely, Alison DiLaurentis is paged over the Emergency Room intercom and the girls who have now arrived at the hospital and gone to the waiting room are thrown off by this. As the shooter prepares to find Alison, they send a group text saying, “It’s happening. Follow the leader.” With that, the shooter is on the move chasing Alison as she leaves the emergency room.

The girls try to catch up with the killer but are unsuccessful and the shooter confronts Alison on a playground saying, “Wanna play?” Just when you think Alison is done for, the other girls show up to help. But, their plan goes awry when a ton of people dressed like the killer show up and surround them. Fortunately, the police show up and the girls escape.

Melissa confronts her father telling him that she cannot keep a secret any longer, but Mr. Hastings says that she can never tell her mother. (We don’t know what the secret is yet.)

Aria stayed behind at the hospital to watch over Ezra who is out of surgery and in recovery. While realizing that Alison is definitely a target, the other girls decide to go somewhere safe … a theatre, where Alison reminisces about her time with Ezra and when she found out his family was wealthy. The theater belongs to Ezra’s family. When Alison goes upstairs to make a phone call, the other girls become suspicious.

We’re back at the hospital and Aria is in the waiting room and a girl (Shana) there is keeping her company, though Aria doesn’t want her help.

As the girls are sleeping, Cece shows up and pulls Alison away to help her as she leaves town.

Shana goes into Ezra’s room and Aria wakes up. When Aria gets to Ezra he begins to go into what seems to be cardiac arrest. As Aria calls for help, Shana sneaks away.

Mona gathers Lucas, Paige, and others to rally against Alison, but not everyone is with her. Then Melissa shows up to help Mona in her mission.

Alison reveals to Em that Cece killed Detective Wilden and actually helped save her life. Previously, Em thought that Cece was against her. Officer Holbrook calls the theatre as he investigates Ezra’s background and Alison answers the phone. Holbrook now knows that Alison is back. But, as Aria is trying to reach the girls they now refuse to pick up the phone, not knowing if Holbrook is calling again.

Aria goes back into Ezra’s room as he’s stabilized. Ezra tries to whisper something to Aria and Aria’s eyes go wide. She then runs to the waiting room and begins to frantically look around.

The girls all run back onto the stage in the theatre to grab their things and leave, but someone turns out the lights. Shana then shows up in a black hood and black pants, aiming a gun at everyone. Shana appears to be the shooter. Clearly, Ezra told Aria about Shana because she shows up and saves the day, killing Shana.

Spencer calls the police and the girls flee the scene.

Special thanks to Danielle Monetti.