‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles, the team prepares for the funeral of Det. Barry Frost. First, they have to solve the crime of young woman who walks into the precinct covered in blood, holding a gun and she can’t remember her name.

Here are the top spoilers from the poignant episode entitled, “Goodbye.”

1. Jane and Maura Avoid Their Grief

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Angela encourages Maura and Jane, who spent the night, to talk about the loss of Frost. Maura doesn’t want to talk this morning, but assures the Rizzoli matriarch she will go through Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief (DABDA: denial, anger, barter, depression, acceptance) soon.

Jane, on the other hand, is content to remain in stage one of denial for as long as possible. She’s headed to work, against her mother’s wishes, but Maura does offer her a real cup of coffee. Jane mistakes her friend’s flower vase for a travel mug, pours the coffee in it and rushes out the door.

Vince pulls his lieutenant rank and orders Jane to go home. The two squabble until Frost’s mother Camille walks in. She explains she doesn’t know how she can plan for her son’s funeral, so Jane offers to handle the arrangements.

Vince almost has Jane out the door to start the funeral plans when a young woman walks covered in blood and holding a gun.

2. The Team Tries to Help a Nameless Victim

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Jane and Vince manage to take the gun away from the young woman peacefully. She can’t remember her name, but her favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. Maura conducts a live “autopsy” on the woman and gives her the name Jessica Doe (more personal than Jane). She discovers ecstasy on the woman’s dress and Indian food between her teeth.

Jane and Vince believe “Jessica” is faking her amnesia. They still have to drive her around town searching for any Indian food restaurants that may spark her memory. When the three stop on a street corner, Jessica sees a line of school children singing “Wheels on the Bus” and she starts singing along. Jane deduces that she must be a teacher.

3. Jane Sees Frost on the Street

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On the same street corner, Jane think she sees Frost standing across the street. The detective jumps out of the car and runs into the street, almost getting herself killed in the process.

Maura tells her later that seeing dead loved ones as if they’re alive is completely natural. The loss of their friend does have Maura thinking about her own last wishes. She wants a burial at sea which doesn’t please Jane, who hates boats.

Watch the video below to hear Maura’s funeral plans and what last wish Jane has?

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4. The Lady’s Name Is Lilly Green

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(Trae Patton/TNT)

Once the detectives figure out “Jessica’s” profession, Frankie starts looking up missing teachers in the whole state of Massachusetts. It takes some serious leg work, but little Rizzoli finally tracks down a missing private preschool teacher that matches “Jennifer’s” description. The young woman’s real name is Lilly Green.

The detectives search her home and find a picture of Lilly with arms wrapped around a man. Frankie finds Lilly’s cellphone that shows many calls to man named Toby. The detective tracks Toby’s phone to an empty warehouse where they find the man from the picture dead.

Jane and Maura show Lilly the picture of her and the man, and Lilly identifies him as Toby. The photo also sparks flashbacks to the night before when her boyfriend Toby was shot in the head. Lilly tells the detective and the M.E. everything she remembers, but can only remember the killer’s first name — Kyle. Toby had returned to selling drugs and owed Kyle money that he couldn’t payback in full.

Jane, Vince and Frankie stakeout the warehouse district and find Kyle. They chase him down and place him under arrest. Lilly’s father comes to collect his daughter. Jane shares her condolences with the victim over her boyfriend and she returns the favor with her condolences for Jane’s friend (Frost).

5. They Will Always Have The Memories of Frost

Maura took care of the flowers. Angela handled the food. Frankie found the pictures and Vince put together the music selection. All that was left for Frost’s funeral was Jane’s eulogy. She went up to the church podium in front of her friends, Frost’s mother and his father, Admiral Frost, who snuck in just as Jane began her speech:

We shouldn’t be here today. Barry Frost was too young and too good for us to be here today, but yet here we are. I’ve been giving the incredible honor… and I could say a lot and then go sit down but it wouldn’t do him justice…

He was so many things to so many people. A son. A cop. A friend. I met Barry when he joined homicide. He was so nervous because parts of the job didn’t quite agree with him… He always wanted to try new things and push himself. I admired the passion he brought to his work. I will miss him as his partner. I will miss him as my friend…

I really loved how he made me laugh. I will miss that infectious smile and the joy he brought to everyday… The good news… is that death may have taken Barry but it can’t take the memories of him. The wonderful and perfect memories of him. Those, thank God, are ours to keep.

After the funeral, Jane goes home to her empty apartment and finds a postcard from San Diego in her pile of mail. She flips it over and sees the message from Frost. Jane can’t hold her grief in any longer and crumbles to the floor crying.