‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Rizzoli & Isles


Rizzoli & Isles returned for its fifth season tonight with a newly pregnant Det. Jane Rizzoli searching for a kidnapped baby after his mother dies from a gruesome stabbing.

Jane also struggles with her body’s changing hormones as she tries to keep her pregnancy secret from her mother Angela. Her best friend Maura Isles and little brother Frankie have to face the aftermath of their kiss in the hallway.

Once the case is solved, the team doesn’t celebrate long before they receive devastating news about a fallen colleague.

Here’s what happened in tonight’s premiere episode entitled, “A New Day.”

1. Jane Is Turning Into Her Mother

It’s a woman’s worst nightmare to one day become her mother. It is for Jane Rizzoli at least.

She wakes up in a panic after dreaming she found herself holding a baby dressed in a drab pink robe and pajamas nearly identical to the outfit her mother Angela is wearing this morning. Maura insists the dream is nothing more than Jane’s nervous reaction to her pregnancy. The medical examiner’s insistence Jane pull her hair back, similar to Angela’s style, doesn’t help matters though. Can Jane still be in a nightmare when she’s actually awake?

Before they leave for their morning call out, Maura breaks some more disappointing news for the expectant mother: no more caffeine. Morning coffee is out. Big boobs and no sex drive are in.

2. A Young Mother Is Murdered and Her Baby Is Missing

Rizzoli & Isles, season 5 premiere, TNT


Jane and Maura arrive at the crime scene in Baxter Park and come upon a dapper looking Det. Vince Korsak. “Who’s the woman?” Jane asks in reference to who he’s trying to impress, not the dead jogger nearby who’s been stabbed multiple times. Det. Frankie Rizzoli meets them at the crime scene tape. He and Maura exchange an awkward hello, still avoiding a conversation about their kiss.

Maura starts her initial investigation of the body and notices friction burns on the victim’s wrist. Jane finds the source is a band that connects to the jogging stroller left abandoned in the bushes. She realizes they not only have a murder to solve, but a baby’s kidnapping too.

Back at the precinct, Frankie identifies the victim as Susan Murphy. Her son Brian is missing. The detectives first instinct is that the motive for Susan’s murder was to kidnap the baby. Frankie and Korsak move quickly to learn more about Susan, but it’s not fast enough for Jane who wants to find this baby as fast as possible.

They finally narrow in on their first suspect: the ex-husband and father of the missing child. Jane and Korsak pay Ray Murphy a visit and find him exiting his apartment elevator with his new girlfriend Caitlin MacCarthy. He can’t believe Susan is dead and is offended the detectives think he did it. Caitlin assures him the police are just doing their job and he tells them that he and Caitlin went to visit his mother a medical facility for her dementia 90 miles away. E-Z Pass records and pings of Caitlin’s cellphone provide a solid alibi for the couple.

Jane visits Maura in autopsy to see if Susan’s body can give them any clues to her killer. This visit to the morgue turns sour for Jane whose new heightened sense of smell can’t handle all the autopsy chemicals and she becomes nauseous (watch in the video above). Once out in the hall, Maura explains that Susan was stabbed 17 times. The rage-filled killing may have had nothing to do with the baby and more to do with the victim.

The investigation moves toward a known child molester, David Robbins, living across the street from Baxter Park. When Jane and Korsak approach Robbins’ apartment, they hear a baby’s voice on the other side of the door and Jane breaks it down. They find Robbins watching video of Brian on his television. In interrogation, Robbins claims the video came from the baby’s mother who wanted to make a montage video for the baby’s birthday.

Frankie shows Ray a photo of Robbins but he doesn’t recognize him. He grows agitated, but the detective calms him down and then steps out to speak with Maura who has popped her head in quickly. She needs to speak with Jane, but she also decides to bring up the kiss from the other night. It’s never going to happen again. Frankie agrees and both say they think of each other more as siblings rather than soul mates. Well, for Frankie, Maura’s more of a sister with soft lips. Chalk it up to moisturizing lip balm.

Jane gets down to Maura’s office that also smells of the autopsy chemicals, or her hormones are out of control again. The M.E. tells her the killer was a woman due to the low penetration of the wounds. The killer also knew Susan, but certainly did not like her given that 13 of the 17 blows were delivered after she’d already died. Jane takes this information back to Robbins and asks about Susan’s friends or acquaintances. He said he didn’t notice anyone except her child and her husband.

The detective knows Susan was single, so when she spreads out photos of her and four other women, Robbins can’t identify her as the mother. He says she was younger, and Jane realizes it was Ray’s girlfriend Caitlin that gave Robbins the videos of Brian.

3. Angela Suspects Jane’s Pregnancy

Jane can’t keep her pregnancy a secret from Angela for too long. The detective’s mother is doing a little detecting herself into her daughter’s strange behavior. For someone who’s blood is 67 percent coffee, Angela finds it strange Jane turning down coffee at breakfast. Then when she brings Jane fish for lunch, her daughter quickly turns the fragrant meal over to her partner Korsak. Lastly, she asks Jane’s opinion on her new perfume. Jane says it’s quite strong, but mama knows that’s nonsense.

After gathering her evidence, Angela uses her family’s knowledge of palm reading to get a straight answer out of Maura. The medical examiner tries to remain stalwart but the vein in her palm is signaling that Angela’s on the right track. Jane is pregnant!

4. Ray and Caitlin Planned Susan’s Murder and Kidnap of Brian

Rizzoli & Isles, Vince Korsak, Bruce McGill


The detectives know Caitlin killed Susan, but she still has an airtight alibi. Then Frankie finds surveillance of Ray filling up his gas tank at a station just off the highway without Caitlin. Fast forward the tape a little more and they see Ray on his cellphone, except that the phone is actually his girlfriend’s. He took her phone to make it look like she accompanied him on the trip, instead of remaining in Boston to kill his ex-wife and kidnap his child.

Korsak tries to obtain a confession out of Caitlin, but she asks for a lawyer. Back in the conference room, Jane sits down with Ray to appeal to the loving father who wouldn’t want his baby boy exposed to the elements during a cold night. He cracks and tell her Caitlin left Brian at St. Ann’s church.

The priest at the church tells the detectives the only suspicious activity the night before was stolen milk. With the help of a homeless man in the nearby alley carrying the carton of milk, Jane and Korsak find the woman, Terri, who initially stole it. She used it to feed Brian, who she secured and brought back to the park to take care of until she could find him a safe place. Jane scoops up Brian from the makeshift bed Terri made for him in the bushes, and the detective tells the homeless woman she did a good job.

Korsak books Caitlin for murder and kidnap. Ray will also be headed to prison. Susan’s sister Julia and her husband take temporary custody of their nephew Brian. Jane can’t help but hold Brian one more time before he leaves, slowly getting used to this mothering idea.

5. Det. Barry Frost Is Dead

The case ends on a good note, but the warm feeling doesn’t last long. Korsak receives a call from Maura that Det. Barry Frost was involved in a car crash upon returning from his mother’s home. By the time Jane and the rest of the detectives arrive on the scene, Maura’s already draping a blanket over his body. She goes to hold Jane, who can’t believe what has happened.



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