Sasha Pieterse: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

As Pretty Little Liars debuts its Season 5 premiere, Sasha Pieterse returns as the manipulative Alison DiLaurentis.

“Coming back to Rosewood is really hard for Alison. The girls aren’t sure if they can trust Alison, and Alison’s not sure if she can trust the girls. Basically, Alison brings in a tornado and wrecks Rosewood,” she told Zap2it.

Here’s what you need to know about the 18-year-old actress.

1. She Plays the Mean Girl

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Since she plays such a vindictive character in Alison, people are always asking her what it’s like to portray such a mean girl.

In an interview with Sun Times, she said:

Honestly, it’s a lot of fun to play a mean girl. There’s something ridiculous fun about it. Everybody knows a girl like her — maybe not quite so exaggerated, of course — but that basic conniving kind of girl.

She is definitely having a good time acting bad:

In addition, Alison [her character] has caused so many ups and downs on the show and affected the lives of all the other characters — so that’s great to be a part of.

As far as what’s in store for her character this season, Pieterse said, “There’s things you’ll see from Alison’s past, from when she disappeared, that I never thought would happen.”

2. She a Country Singer

In 2013, the young songstress released her first country single, “This Country Is Badass.”

In the music video above, she’s singing her single “R.P.M.”

3. She Has a BF

Although her Instagram page is filled with pictures of the mystery man, she never mentions him by name.

They are definitely in love, since she captioned a photo of them with:

Luckiest girl in the world…love you babe! You are my favorite person to celebrate with

4. She Loves Her Co Stars

The cast is extremely tight off screen, which the actress know is rare when it comes to girls.

She told Wetpaint:

But working with the cast has also been amazing. I think that’s what is so great about. We’re all such a cool, close family, and you don’t normally find that — especially on a set with a lot of girls! Let’s face it, women can be catty, especially in this business, but we found such a cool group. We all adore each other.

As the bunch goes on to discover who A truly is, Pieterse has a favorite theory:

My favorite has been that — it was something really weird about Courtney, my twin, if I still have my twin [from the books]. It was my twin Courtney was hiding in my lake house, and wreaking havoc somewhere.

5. She Was Born in South Africa

Alison DiLaurentis mom, Alison DiLaurentis twin, Alison DiLaurentis missing


Like Charlize Theron, the actress was born in South Africa.

She came to the States when she was just a toddler.

At 6 years old, she landed her first TV role, in Family Affair, alongside Tim Curry and Gary Cole.

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