Solana & Elijah Prok, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On tonight’s episode of MTV’s Catfish, we’ll meet Solana who has fallen in love with a guy named Elijah Prok online. Read on for the details.

1. Solana And Elijah Met on MySpace

The story of Solana and Elijah is titled “A Never-Ending Mystery” and it all began on MySpace when Solana was very young. Bustle gives a short run-down on how they met:

Solana, an 18-year-old from Ocean View, Delaware has been talking to Elijah on Facebook and through a texting app since they first met on MySpace when she was just a tween … Then one day Elijah and his MySpace profile disappeared.

Two years later, Elijah reconnected with Solana via Facebook. After some digging, Catfish hosts Nev and Max find many profiles called Elijah Prok and they don’t know what to think at first. They come across a YouTube account and find “Elijah Prok” has some very popular videos online. As far as Prok’s phone number, they came across someone named Denise … So, who has Solana been talking to?

When Solana, Max and Nev finally arrive at “Elijah Prok’s” house, a guy named Joshua answers the door and says that Elijah is in the house. It seems a bit strange and, though the Catfish crew is a bit uneasy, they all head in the house … The really weird part is that the Elijah Prok Solana expected is actually in the house. Everyone is shocked … but in a good way.

2. This Story Is Actually a Love Triangle

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As if trying to find out who Elijah is wasn’t hard enough, Solana is actually in a relationship with her boyfriend Danny (pictured above). Surprisingly, Danny is supporting Solana on her Catfish journey. Though Danny wants to take their relationship to the next level, Solana can’t stop thinking about Elijah.

When the time comes for Solana to finally meet Elijah, Danny is disappointed, but is still very supportive and just wanted to make sure Solana comes back home to him.

Though Solana was so happy she met Elijah, she realizes that Danny is her true love. And, as soon as she got home, just two weeks after, she and Danny went to the court house and got married.

3. Elijah Helped Solana When Her Parents Got Divorced

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When Solana’s parents decided to get a divorce, Solana says that Elijah helped her through her problems and was there for her through it all. Solana was a daddy’s girl and wanted to live with her father, but ended up going with her mother to a new town and she felt “culture-shocked.” Elijah basically “held her hand” during this rough transition. This is what initially made Solana trust Elijah. However, after he disappeared with no word, that trust was broken.

4. Solana Was Never Allowed to Call Elijah Because of His Mother

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Supposedly, Solana was never allowed to call Elijah because he had a strict mother. Solana had a cell phone and Elijah only had a house phone when they first met, so Elijah always called her because he didn’t want his mother to catch him. Elijah’s “strict mother” is also supposed to be the reason Elijah disappeared from MySpace. His mom allegedly had him on “lock-down.”

5. There Have Been Red Flags, But Elijah Was the Real Deal

Solana has admitted that there have been red flags, but she still wanted to find out who Elijah really is … Since they’ve reconnected, Solana wanted to be sure that the Elijah who has showed up years later is the real Elijah. They have never video chatted and only talk via Facebook or a text app. When Solana asked Elijah to text her, he claimed he didn’t have a phone, but when they originally met, they used to talk on the phone all the time … Hmm …

As Solana is sitting with Nev and Max, Elijah texts her and she lets him know that she’s brought the Catfish crew on board. “Elijah Prok’s” response is nervous that he won’t be what she would expect. After fudging the situation a little with some sweet words, Prok agrees to have Solana, Max, and Nev come to Minnesota to meet him.

Once Solana and Elijah finally hang out, they get along really well and Elijah brings up that they should get matching tattoos … Surprisingly, Solana says she’s down to do that and she actually goes through with it. Solana gets a lioness while Elijah gets a lion.


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Joshua didn’t have a mustache.
Elijah does have a mustache and their no possible way they are the same person


I think elijah and joshua are the same person. His hair is a bad wig. I can’t figure out who he reminds me of more: beavis or butthead. Is this for real?


Yeah, he’s real! You can see that on his facebook account too! Many guys got hair like his. Its not a wig. He just got healthy thick hair.

But anyway I also thought he was fake, almost fell down from my couch when he walked into the room.


shut up joshua is fat and tall while elijah is the complete opposite and has different facial hair and colour

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