‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 Premiere: Spoilers & Episode Clips

The 4th season of Teen Wolf premieres tonight, so we’ve collected all the spoilers, video clips, and predictions we could find to celebrate. Learn about the new characters on the show, the big premiere, episode info, and what to expect this season … Check it all out below:

– It’s been reported that a big death may occur in the premiere. IB Times writes:

Holland Roden’s character will meet someone in the premiere who will be able to tell her more about her banshee powers than she already knows. This mystery creature will also be the one to force Lydia to predict the death of a Beacon Hill resident.

Hollywood Life discusses a possible love triangle between Lydia (Holland Roden), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), and Malia (Shelley Hennig), but it definitely doesn’t look like it will happen on the premiere … if at all.

– Malia and Stiles are together … for a long time. There will be an expanded role for Malia and Shelley Hennig (Malia) tells Hollywood Life:

Apparently, coyotes find their mate, and they mate for life, because they are loyal. So, she found her partner, and it’s Stiles, and luckily he reciprocates; with that, she becomes loyal to the pack, because it’s important to Stiles.

– There is a new villain:

A new villain called The Benefactor will be sending a slew of professionally trained assassins to town to rid Beacon Hill of all its supernatural creatures.

– Actress Roden reveals that there will be no more characters coming back from the grave.

There will be no more people rising from the dead like we had in Season 1, 2 and 3. They mean it this time.

– Here’s some more info on Malia and Peter:

Stiles and Scott will warn her about how horrible of a person [Peter] is and that he can’t be trusted. She’s a teenager who has just found out that her dad is not her dad, and it’s this guy, and he’s a murderer, but it is her only blood family member that she knows of at this point. So, I’m sure there will be some struggle with that.

– Executive producer Jeff Davis told Buzzfeed a bit about the premiere:

We inject a great deal more humor into this season. So much of Season 3 was like a horror movie. So after all that darkness, we wanted to get a little adventurous … It’s fun to see all these characters transplanted and in an entirely different environment, fighting to save Derek, someone they love. It’s a rescue mission, which I love.

– The overall theme of the new season is revealed by Jeff Davis:

The overarching theme is: Not all monsters do monstrous things. One of Scott’s greatest fears is worrying he will turn into the monster that Peter was: a huge, monstrous, uncontrollable beast. You’ll see those fears played out. I think it’s a different season, though. It’s got a real sense of humor, while still being action packed. It’s also one of our bloodiest seasons.

– All of the main characters will be dealing with financial issues this season.

– Liam, Mason, and Garrett are the three new male characters and Mason is openly gay. Jeff Davis reveals to Buzzfeed:

Liam and Mason and Garrett are going to be a big part of the show. We also wanted to bring in these new characters to give Scott a new dynamic to play as well. At the end of Episode 3, we reveal that Liam is Scott’s first Beta. So, that’s going to be quite a challenge for him … A lot of this season has to do with the moment when teenagers stop being kids and start being adults. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to bring Liam and Mason into the show as well; they serve as a mirror to Scott and Stiles, where they think these kids are idiots, but it’s exactly what they were doing in the first season, so it shows their growth as well.

– Davis talks about the identity of The Benefactor saying:

One of the things we wanted to do this season was get back to a mystery. And what’s fun about a mystery like this, is everyone on the crew is guessing who The Benefactor is — and no one had any clue. So I can’t wait to see the fans guessing.