‘The Fosters’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Brandon, Brandon in Hospital


We left the first season of The Fosters in a mess of adoption issues. Jude was officially adopted, but Callie’s adoption was still up in the air since her biological dad wasn’t around to sign off on anything. This premiere was just as juicy as we’d hoped, but also a tad more surprising than we may have expected.

Read on to find out what you missed.

1. Callie Goes Back to Court & Her Adoption Is Denied

Callie The Fosters, Callie ABC Family

(Screenshot/ Netflix)

Callie’s adoption can’t be accepted until they inform her birth father about everything. Namely, that she exists. The judge says since he never signed her official birth certificate, it’s possible he doesn’t know she’s alive, and he has to before they can go forward with any adoptions.

2. Brandon May Never Play Again

Brandon The Fosters, Brandon ABC Family


Despite Brandon being brutally beaten up last season, he’s healing pretty well. He regained 90-95% of the function back in his hands, according to the doctors. He’s really nervous about playing again though– but in no time he’s back to his original self. Or so it seems.

Brandon’s dad feels like he can’t be sober without Dani– hence why he wants her to move in. Brandon’s bearing a lot of the pressure and weight of the whole situation and is beating himself up over it all. By the end of the episode, though, he’s ready to tell his dad about Dani but his dad cuts in and tells him how much Dani means to him and how he saved him. Brandon decides to tell his dad about a numbness in his hand. He breaks down sobbing and says he doesn’t think he’ll ever play the same way again.

3. Lena and Stef’s License To Foster Has Expired and Callie Has To Be Taken From the Home

Lena Adoption, Season 2 Premiere the Fosters


A social worker with CDSS comes to the house to tell Lena and Stef it’s come to their attention that their license to foster has expired. Apparently, they had been formalizing Callie and Jude’s adoption when the social worker realized their licenses were not up to date. Without the formalized adoption or a license to foster, Callie isn’t allowed to be at the house.

4. Callie Wants To Look For Robert

Callie the Fosters


Last season, we learned Callie had no intentions of finding her real father. The issues pertaining her birth certificate, however, have caused her to change her mind. She asks Stef to find her biological dad.

Callie’s sick of being yanked out of the house, and admits she thinks that they should start looking for Robert Quinn because she wants to live with Lena and Stef and be safe with that living situation.

In the last couple scenes, however, it seems Callie’s dad has tracked her down. And when he gets back in the car, his other daughter is there. This is gonna lead to a complicated mess.

5. Jesus and Emma Hit a Rough Patch

Emma The Fosters, Emma and Jesus


Ever since Jesus and Emma got together, Emma feels like she’s lost her friends. The two are super cute and clearly like one another, but it’s tough for Emma since she’s a tomboy and doesn’t hang out with too many girls. Jesus tries to ameliorate the situation by quitting the wrestling team since it was Emma’s first — but Emma gets kind of pissed and tells him that’s not his job. She persuades him to rejoin the team.

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