Tracie Thoms & Sammie, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tracie Thoms is on the hunt for a catfish named “Sammie” who deceived her on tonight’s episode of MTV’s Catfish. Check out some of the footage from the show above and then check out all the facts below.

1. Tracie Thoms Is an Actress

She is best known for her roles in Rent, Cold Case, The Devil Wears Prada, Death Proof, and the short-lived Fox TV series Wonderfalls.

2. Sammie Approached Tracie as a Super Fan

Unlike many Catfish episodes, this case was not “of a romantic nature.” Sammie got acquainted with Tracie Thoms because she was supposedly a fan of her work. Sammie created hashtags, YouTube videos, and constantly helped to promote Thoms projects as their online friendship grew.

When Nev and Max do a little digging, they come across a profile for a Samantha Regina Davis who says she’s bi-sexual, has a son, has deaf parents, and “is good at celebrities.”

Nev finally gets Sammie on the phone and, though she’s hesitant to meet, she agrees.

3. Sammie’s “Friend” Reese Supposedly Dies of Cancer

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According to Thoms, Sammie put together multiple fake accounts online to get more and more attention from Thoms. There was even an account with the name Reese who Sammie introduced Thoms to … At some point, Reese supposedly died of cancer, but was Reese ever even real?

Thoms realized that there was something not right about the Reese situation when the “dead Reese” favorited a tweet on Twitter. After some digging, Thoms discovered that Reese never existed. After even more digging, Thoms remembers an account called “Marissa Campaign” that could be significant.

When Nev and Maks track down Marissa, they get her on the phone and talk to her about her own “fan.” Marissa calls Sammie her most “zealous” fan and presents Nev with a heart-shaped poem Sammie even wrote her.

4. Thoms Simply Wants Closure

After discovering that Sammie was fake, Thoms stopped communicating with her. Sammie disappeared from the web and Thoms never really got closure. Her main reason for wanted to find Sammie now is to make sure she’s okay, to see if she’s changed her “catfishing” ways and to get some answers.

What is most shocking when Thoms confronts Sammie is when they talk about the fictional “Reese.” Sammie had posted fake photos from what was supposed to be Reese’s funeral and when Thoms asks whose funeral it was, Sammie reveals it was her cousin. Thoms is shocked to hear that she would use photos from her cousin’s funeral to kill off a fake Twitter account.

5. Since the Show Thoms Has Been More Cautious On Twitter

In an interview with My Fox LA, Thoms opened up about her social media relationship saying how open she used to be online. Thoms said she loved reaching out to fans and others to promote her career or projects she was involved in as well as starting friendships.

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