‘True Blood’ Premiere, Season 7: Who Dies In the First Scene? [SPOILER]

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Rutina Wesley’s character Tara Thornton dies in the first scene of True Blood’s premiere. It’s the last season and it looks like the show has started things off with a bang. While the vampires are under attack, Thornton tries to protect her mother from the rogue H-vamps and is killed. Her mother, however, survives.

Though it appears Tara is definitely dead, many fans suspect that she is actually still alive … in a manner of speaking … We don’t actually get to see Tara die, so maybe she will reappear at some point … Bustle.com writes:

It’s strange though that this character who’s been a part of the series since Day 1 is disposed of, seemingly permanently, in a swipe so fast you can hardly see it … And yeah, Tara was the biggest whiner this side of Sookie. But she’s been on the show for six years and all she gets is a blurry shot and a “Tara’s dead!!!” It’s a little strange.


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I hope Tara isn’t dead. I went to IMDBto see if Rutina Wesley is listed for season 7 and I saw that she was listed for 7 episodes. Hmmmmm.


they are all listed they are hiding it very well, once they are killed off the credits are removed for episodes they were not actually in, they do the same thing for the walking dead.


good job!.Im spending my lunch break trying to find Tara!


I dont believe Tara is dead myself, but since her mom is hallucinating right now she sees Tara so her being in the next few episodes on IMDB isn’t full proof as she is in her moms head right now.


If Tara is really dead. Why didn’t her maker Pam feel it


If tara is dead.Pam should’ve felt it,so it doesn’t even make sense the show is not staying true to the vampire bond.

Teonne (@Teonne21)

I thought the very same thing.. why Pam didn’t feel it.. Why is she still concentrating on Eric… if Tara is truly dead… if she is dead.. I’m going to be pissed because they didn’t stay true to the bond…

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