WWE Money in the Bank 2014: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

WWE Money in the Bank 2014

IT’S TIME TO MAKE SOME MONEY! WWE Money in the Bank 2014 is the 2nd WWE PPV for the month of June and it has an exciting card! Make sure you check out the live PPV Kickoff show on the WWE Network starting at 7:30 p.m. EST! Daniel Bryan will be on hand to give his thoughts on being stripped of his championship belts. And as always, Make sure you stay right here as we list all the important details you need to know from WWE’s latest evening of ladder matches.

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (c) vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) (WWE Tag Team Championship Match)

WWE Money in the Bank 2014

Winners: The Usos!

Best Moments/Highlights: Jey and Harper started tearing into each other as soon as the bell rang. The Usos used some early double team work to wear down Harper, but Harper recovered and dropped Jimmy with a dropkick. Rowan got tagged in and started working on Jimmy for a while, then Harper returned for a few minutes into the match. After Harper got in a few moves on Jimmy, Rowan got tagged back in. But Jey eventually got tagged in, which led to a missile dropkick from Jimmy into a school boy roll up pin by Jey. Once the action spilled outside the ring, Jey hopped up on the barricade and land a flying punch on Rowan. Jey returned Rowan to the ring, but he was soon distracted by Harper outside the ring. Jey got pushed to the outside barrier and got a clothesline from Harper to boot. Both men began started tearing into a now weakened and prone Jey. Rowan went for a big leg drop that missed, which almost gave Jey a chance to tag Jimmy in. Jimmy got pushed off the apron by Rowan and Jey caught a big boot for his troubles. Once Rowan missed a big body splash, Jey recovered and tagged in a hot Jimmy. Jimmy took no time in taking down their opposers. Jimmy even went as far as superkicking Harper two times in a row. Rowan almost slammed Jey on the outside, but Jimmy splashed him while Jey was still in his arms. The action got hot and heavy, which saw Harper drop Jimmy with a sitdown powerbomb. Harper began dominating when he vaulted through the ropes on both Usos. Rowan and Harper landed their finisher on Jey, but Jimmy saved him at the last second. Rowan looked to land a move of the top rope, but both Usos grabbed him and landed a big double superplex. Both Usos landed big top rope splashes to finish off Rowan.

Paige (c) vs. Naomi (WWE Divas Championship Match)

WWE Money in the Bank 2014

Winner: Paige!

Best Moments/Highlights: Once Paige and Naomi locked up, both women ended up kicking and clawing their way outside of the ring. The ref was forced to break up their heated starting exchange and get them back into the ring. Paige landed a hurricanrana to Naomi and got her to move to the outside once again. Naomi recovered, slammed Paige to the outside and even landed a vaulting splash to Paige once she laid prone. Paige re-entered the ring and was met with a dropkick from Naomi. Naomi and Paige got in a pinning roll-up exchange at one point, but Naomi locked her in a tight submission. Naomi went for a pin outside of the submission but Paige kicked out. When Paige looked to superplex Naomi off the top rope, they both slipped and tumbled to the ring floor. Both women made their way back into the ring, which was followed by Paige locking Naomi in a Stump Puller submission. Paige went for her pin outside of that submission, but Naomi kicked out herself. Naomi got her 2nd wind and began throwing a successive amount of moves that began to weaken Paige. Naomi tried to land a split-legged moonsault on Paige, but Paige countered by using her knees. After some back and forth action, Paige prevailed over Naomi with a stiff DDT-like maneuver. It’s interesting to note that Naomi’s partner Cameron seemed to enjoy her partner getting beat since she smiled throughout the match’s proceedings.

Damien Sandow (dressed as Paul Revere) vs. Adam Rose

Winner: Adam Rose!

Best Moments/Highlights: Sandow was entirely embarrassed by Rose’s in-ring antics at first. Rose ran circles around Sandow and made a fool of him. Sandow got back into his groove and soon landed some stiff strikes on Rose. Rose made a quick comeback and put down Sandow with a succession of punches. Rose soon laid out Sandow in the corner with a few kicks, but Sandow recovered an dropped Rose with a nice clothesline. Sandow hit Rose with a Full Nelson Slam, but only got a 2-count. Sandow tried to finish Rose with a moonsault off the top rope, but Rose dodged it and landed his Party Foul finisher on Sandow for the 1-2-3.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins (Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Contract)

WWE Money in the Bank 2014

Winner: Seth Rollins!

Best Moments/Highlights: Once Dean ran into the ring, he immediately started beating down Rollins. Swagger looked to put Kofi down, but Kofi fought him off. He soon landed a springboard double axe handle on RVD. Kofi continued going nuts when he climbed up a ladder that Swagger was holding and launching himself at RVD again. Swagger got placed a ladder by Kofi, which was followed by a Boom Drop. Kofi looked to climb the ladder, but Dean pushed him off. Kofi used this opportunity to hop off the ladder and splash all the men who were outside the ring. Dean and Rollins soon began fighting in the ring, which led to Dean double arm suplexing Rollins back first into a ladder. Dean started to climb the ladder, but Swagger interrupted his ascent. Soon, all the matches participants made a mad scramble for the briefcase. At the end of a big scuffle, Ziggler and Kofi remained on the ladder as they fought. Once both men fell to the ring mat and began fighting, Rollins knocked them both out with a ladder. RVD headed into the ring and began assaulting Rollins. RVD even landed a Rolling Thunder on Rollins while he was laid out on a ladder. RVD continued beating down his rivals, which saw him land a sweet Five Star Frog Splash on Swagger. RVD tried to retrieve the briefcase, but Kofi stopped him from doing so. Kofi and RVD laid out Swagger once they threw a ladder right into Swagger’s face. Swagger eventually got his revenge when he hit Kofi in the back with a ladder while he was trying to superplex RVD. Swagger climbed up a ladder and picked up RVD for a superplex attempt. Swagger fell off though and RVD looked to splash him off the very top. Rollins stopped this from happening, which led to Swagger powerbombing RVD from the middle of a ladder. Dean ran into the ring afterwards and managed to finally superplex Rollins from the top of a ladder. Dean looked to use a new ladder to make his climb, but Ziggler dropkicked him before he could do it. Swagger stopped Ziggler’s momentum pretty fast though. He then laid a ladder onto Kofi and splashed him while he was still underneath it. Swagger tried to climb the ladder, but RVD came in to stop his attempt. Ambrose and Rollins soon took both men down from their perches and began fighting atop the ladder. Dean was close enough to grabbing the briefcase, but he fell into Swagger and DDT’d him after falling from the ladder. Rollins started climbing the ladder again, but Ambrose pushed him off and got Rollins to fall neck first into the ropes. Dean was tended to by some doctors, which led to him being forced to leave the match. Rollins started to stir and go for the briefcase again, but RVD stopped him. Kofi balanced a ladder on the rope through the ladder in the ring, which saw him put down RVD. Kofi even backdropped Rollins onto a ladder and almost grabbed the briefcase. Ziggler stopped Kofi and began taking out every man who stood in his way. Kofi tried to hit Ziggler with a Trouble in Paradise, but Ziggler dodged it and hit Kofi with a Zig Zag on a ladder. When Ziggler tried to climb another ladder for the briefcase, Swagger locked him in the Patriot Lock. Ziggler fought off the pain and soon kicked Swagger off of his ankle. Ziggler made another attempt to grab the briefcase, but Rollins stopped him by hitting his hurt ankle with a steel chair. Rollins looked to climb the ladder again, but Dean shocked the crowd and returned to strike Rollins multiple times with a steel chair. While Dean was still atop the ladder, Kane suddenly made his way into the ring and officially put down Dean. While Kane held the ladder, Rollins made his way up to finally grab the Money in the Bank briefcase.

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