WWE Payback 2014: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

WWE Payback 2014

Winner: And still the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett!

Best Moments/Highlights: BNB made sure to tell the crowd before the match that he was ready to put down RVD and make sure he didn’t receive any more checks. Barrett stated that it was time to put down Old Yeller aka RVD. After the bell rang, things got underway as RVD used his array of kicks to put down the current IC Champion. Barrett dodge a kick in the corner and countered with a neckbreaker for the 2-count. RVD soon kicked Barrett to the outside and threw him into the barricade. RVD got even more rough with Barrett by throwing him the 1st row of people and following it up with his famous flying kick to the back. Barrett got thrown back into the ring, which led to RVD launching himself in with a springboard legdrop. Barrett kicked out RVD’s following pin. Barrett then laid on a nice kick to the gut of RVD, which then began a series of moves being laid down upon a now weakened RVD. RVD recovered once he countered Barrett’s gut kick with a spinning kick to the jaw. RVD pulled off his usual array of exciting moves, which ended with a side kick into a Rolling Thunder. RVD tried to finish Barrett off with a 5 Star Frog Splash but missed. Barrett also missed his Bull Hammer finisher, but he soon caught RVD with the Winds of Change for the 2-count. Barrett went for another Bull Hammer but he slammed his arm into the steel post instead. RVD caught some knees to the gut after trying to land a split-legged moonsault. Barrett then laid out RVD with his Bull Hammer for the final pin of this championship match.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (Last Man Standing Match)

WWE Payback 2014

Winner: John Cena!

Best Moments/Highlights: Before the Last Man Standing bout got underway, The Usos came out to offer their support to Cena. As soon as the match officially began, Cena went crazy with a string of attacks. Bray soon sprung back to life after a swift side punch to Cena. Bray knocked down Cena with a elbow as the crowd began their pro/anti-Cena chanting war. Bray then splashed Cena in the corner, which led to the 1st ref count of this LMS match. Cena got back up, but Bray mocked him by dancing with his prone body. Cena soon got a 2nd sprint and then went into his comeback sequence of moves. Bray got up after a Five Knuckle Shuffle and spun Cena into his knee. Bray went for a senton splash, but Cena moved at the last second. Cena went for an STF, but Bray overpowered him and suplexed him hard to the mat. Bray tried to land his Sister Abigail finisher on Cena, but Cena hopped out of the move. Cena was put right back down after catching an elbow to the jaw. Bray continued laying down Cena by giving him a DDT to the ring apron. Cena woke up before a 10-count and soon found himself on the top rope with a healthy Bray. Cena fought off Bray and landed a top rope leg drop across Bray’s head. Cena then went for his AA but Bray caught him rebounding off the rope and hit the Sister Abigail. Cena shocked the crowd, got up before the ref counted to 10 and finally hit an AA on Bray. Bray got up by launching into this possessed taunt, which then led to the rest of the Wyatt Family and the Usos getting into a skirmish in the ring. After both men’s outside representatives laid each other out the ring, Bray began smashing a steel chair over Cena’s back. Cena powered back into the match by using the same chair to lay out Bray. Cena then uncovered a table from underneath the ring. Bray got the advantage on Cena though, as he suplexed Cena right through the table. Bray brought the steel steps into the ring and smashed it right off of Cena’s skull. Bray stood atop the steps and began serenading the crowd. However, Cena made his comeback by smashing those same steel steps into Bray. Bray got back up, but Cena blasted Bray with the steel steps after he threw them outside the ring right into him. Even after all that, Bray still managed to get on his own two feet. Then out of nowhere, Bray hit the Sister Abigail on Cena into the barricade. The crowd began showing their appreciation for this hard fought match by chanting “THIS IS AWESOME!” Once both men got back up, Cena threw Bray into the steel post. But Cena soon found himself hurt again when Bray backdropped him onto the steel steps. Bray then stepped atop the steel steps and landed a senton splash to Cena on the outside of the ring. Cena re-grouped, dropped Bray with another AA outside the ring and ran into the ring. All of a sudden, the other two member of the Wyatt Family rushed out and helped Bra back to his feet. They then began beating down Cena, but were soon interrupted by the returning Usos. Bodies were soon everywhere as the Wyatt’s got back on their feet and picked up some tables. The Usos and the Wyatt’s soon got even more violent with their face-off, which culminated in both teams getting put through tables. Once Cena and Bray both recovered, Bray body splashed Cena through the barricade. They both got back to their feet and fought into the arena. Cena and Bray fought over to the pyrotechnics area, which saw Cena hit the AA on Bray through a containment case. Cena enclosed Bray in the case by dropping another one over his prone body for the final 10-count.

Paige (c) vs. Alicia Fox (WWE Divas Championship)

WWE Payback 2014

Winner: And still WWE Divas Champion, Paige!

Best Moments/Highlights: Both women locked up to begin things. Paige took it Alicia and got her down to the mat with a suplex from the ring apron. Alicia left the ring to catch her breath and looked as if she was crying. This was all a ruse of course, since Alicia tripped Paige as she left the ring. Alicia randomly picked up a drink from a ringside viewer, but Paige caught Alicia with a punch to the gut. Alicia then pulled Paige to the ringside mat by grabbing her hair. Alicia started going a little insane as she complained about getting her hair grabbed so vigorously by Paige. Alicia tried to get the win with a Northern Lights suplex, but Paige kicked out at two. Alicia then locked in a brutal looking submission, but Paige managed to fight her way out. Alicia kept on supplying the pressure after locking Page in a back submission that was preceded by a spinning backbreaker. Paige soon got a 2nd wind, beat down Alicia into submission and made her tap out with her modified Scorpion Crosslock. Alicia got back to her feet amongst the crowd screaming “YOU TAPPED OUT!” Alicia began screaming her head off and ran all the way back to the backstage area.

Head to he next page to get some news on what went down during the Evolution/Shield main event!

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