WWE Payback 2014: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista) vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) (No Holds-Barred Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match)

WWE Payback 2014

Winners: The Shield!

Best Moments/Highlights: Evolution began making their entrance, but The Shield all caught them off guard by jumping them before they got to the ring. Both team started tearing into each other as the crowd went wild. Orton backdropped Ambrose onto the barricade, Rollins vaulted on HHH in the crowd and Roman laid out Batista near the steel steps. Once everyone got back into the ring, Rollins and Roman began tearing down Batista. Rollins then began stomping a mudhole into Batista, but ‘Tista fought back and launched him in the ring post. Orton got tagged in and soon found himself going at with Rollins. Rollins got the hot tag to Ambrose, which saw both men hitting a double suplex on Orton. Ambrose and Rollins hit a 2nd tag team combination, which led to another sequence of moves from Ambrose and a tag to Roman. Batista entered the match after getting tagged in by Orton, but Roman powered the big man down with a clothesline. Ambrose re-entered the bout and soon found himself on the losing end of a Batista spinebuster. HHH then got the tag and began beating down Ambrose, but Roman soon got back in. Both Roman and HHH stared each other down before they finally locked horns. Roman got the better of HHH by backdropping HHH and holding his arm while Ambrose returned to keep the heat on him. Rollins made his way in and hit with a flying elbow and the Three Amigos (RIP Eddie Guerrero!). HHH kicked out, but soon caught an elbow to the back after Ambrose got tagged back in. Ambrose surprised the crowd when he catapulted himself into HHH while he was laid out in the corner. Ambrose went high but got kicked down by a boot to the face. HHH tagged in Batista, who began powering down the now damaged Ambrose. Evolution then began their dominance over Ambrose over the course of several minutes. Soon after, Ambrose launched HHH over the ringside post and went for the hot tag. HHH stopped him, hit him with his trademark knee but got caught by Ambrose’s returning clothesline from the middle rope. Roman got the hot tag and started his assault on Batista while his partner fended off HHH and Rollins. Roam landed his Superman Punch on Batista, but his pin attempt got interrupted by HHH and Orton. The action spilled out of the ring while Roman and Batista lay dormant inside of it. Rollins went to slash HHH from the top of a barricade but he was stopped when HHH smashed him over the head with a unseen object. Roman got back into the action by sending Batista into the steel ring post on the outside. Orton and HHH ran into to aid their downed partner by stopping Roman from readying the Spanish Announce Table. Evolution laid out Roman with a Triple Powerbomb through that same table. When Evolution began mocking The Shield fist bump, Ambrose launched himself into all three men. Rollins then returned to the match by hitting an over-the-top rope splash onto them right after. All three Evolution member got the upper hand, which saw HHH working over Ambrose with a steel chair. Orton used a steel chair himself when he backdropped Ambrose onto one. HHH even went even farther in his assault by hitting a Pedigree on Rollins face 1st into the steel chair. Evolution headed back to the ring and worked on breaking down a weakened Roman Reigns. Steel steps and kendo sticks were thrown into the ring by Evolution, which then led to a brutal sequence of kendo stick shots to Roman while his body was laid over the steel steps. Somehow Roman quickly hopped off the ring steps and Superman Punched Orton. HHH and Batista put Roman down again pretty fast, though. HHH used a steel chair once again to lay out Roman, but Ambrose hopped back into the fray. He was put back down when Orton hit a DDT on Ambrose while he was feet were held over the arena’s awning. Rollins then did the unthinkable when he hopped off the stage and laid out each Evolution member. Rollins headed back to the ring but got speared by Batista. Batista didn’t last too long after that, since he got eliminated from the match after getting speared himself by Roman. Orton tried to eliminate Rollins with an RKO, but Roman canceled that pin attempt. Ambrose then eliminated Orton with his finisher on a steel chair. HHH was left by himself to fend for himself, but got some much needed assistance from his fallen Evolution mates. Orton soon handed HHH a sledgehammer, which led to HHH knocking out Ambrose with it. HHH tried to take out Roman, but Rollins made the save with a flying knee. Roman hit HHH with a final spear for the clean sweep victory.

Match of the Night

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt!

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