‘America’s Got Talent’ Judgment Week: Live Blog by Category

The show starts out tonight with Heidi, Howard, Mel, and Howie sending their favorite acts straight through to Radio City for live performances. Some of those include the three siblings who broke celery sticks with cards, Acte II, Blue Journey, and David and Leeman. Here’s a live blog detailing what’s happening tonight on the show.


– Mike Super asks Howie to think of someone he cares deeply about on a moving chalkboard that he tilts back and forth. Mike conjures that name on a chalkboard without Howie ever having said the name to him. He produces a zodiac calendar in which all the columns and judges birthdays add up to 23. The judges seem to be impressed with his work.

-Franklin Saint magically compresses a water bottle, then closes an open can of soda without touching it.

-Mat Franco is a 26-year-old magician who says his brain is an encyclopedia of magic, and he’s back with his card tricks again tonight. He produces an image of Howie holding the card that Mel B picked up before his act started.

ELIMINATED: Psycho Jack did not have a great performance. His magical disappearing act had faults that made the judges send him home.


-Sean & Luke are tap dancers from Chicago. Howie asks if they think it went off without a hitch, but doesn’t give them anymore info. Howard thinks they’re not memorable, but the girls disagree. We don’t know what their future holds just yet.

-Solto Esengulov is a street performer who’s really good at moving his stomach in odd ways. In fact, most of the time it looks like he’s breaking his bones to conquer the tricks.

-Dragon House “The Agents” fuse animation and hop dance together. They live with each other and work constantly on their moves, but we’re not sure whether they advance or not.

MAKES IT THROUGH: John and Andrew are the two salsa dancers we met a few weeks ago. I should mention that they want us to know one thing– one is straight and the other is gay, and they are not a couple. When Howard asks if they think they have a high enough skill level to make it through, they say yes.


-Quintavious Johnson sings a Michael Jackson favorite, ‘Who’s Lovin’ You’. The judges don’t tell him whether he advances or not.

-Grace Ann Gregorio’s mom massages her back and makes her do two hours of vocal performances before her act. She had a solid performance for the judges.

MAKES IT THROUGH: Mara Justine sings a Whitney Houston song and nails it. The judges call her back on stage to tell her she’s made it through to the next round.

-Julia Goodwin is an aspiring singer/songwriter, and her inspiration gets to play with her on tonight’s show. That inspiration is her father. She sings ‘Feeling Good’ and sounds great, but the judges don’t give her any indication of what will happen to her on the show.


-Darik Santos’s parents like to treat his comedy career like a ghost, apparently. The judges did laugh consistently at his one-liners.

-Wendy Liebman has been doing comedy forever, but left the comedy world for a while to raise a family. The judges laugh at her act.

-Joe Matarese is a stay at home dad who has done every gig there is to do, but still can’t make enough money to raise his family. His act didn’t impress the judges this week, as it wasn’t nearly as funny as they thought his first performance was.


-Juan Carlos enters the stage with a bedazzled onesie and a door knocker for a belt. He dances to ‘Big Spender’ and Howard was not impressed… just like last time.

-John Narum is a yo-yo artist from North Dakota. He performs a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo act that showcases his insane skills.

-Loop Rollins is a father, husband, and cowboy. The 28-year-old juggles guns on fire before whipping around a lasso that is also on fire. Heidi isn’t too sure she’s a fan.

-Mighty Atom, Jr. is a 93-year-old strongman who asks the four judges to hop in the back of a car pulled by his kid brother so that he can pull the vehicle with his teeth… And he succeeds. And don’t worry, his vitals were strong as well.

-JD Anderson is another strongman who begins his act by ripping phonebooks in half. He then bends pans in half, before running headfirst into a series of glass planks.


-Emily West performs first. She sings a belty ballad called ‘You Got It’ that gives the judges chills.

-Carly Jo Jackson usually sings for 15 people, but this time it was just for our four judges. They didn’t make it clear whether or not Jo Jackson will advance.

-Anna Clandening sang ‘Hallelujah’ for us last time. Her anxiety gets the best of her before she goes on, though, and she runs out having a panic attack before the commercial break. When the show comes back, she musters up enough courage to sing for the judges. She performs her own take on ‘Radioactive’.

-Kelli Glover sings last. She showcases her chops just as well as she did first time, but the judges unfortunately don’t let us know who it is that’s advancing.