Andrew & Chapel’s Wedding: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

andrew and chapel wedding

(Facebook/Andrew and Chapel)

It’s almost here! After many dramatic fights between Abe and Rebecca and Andrew and Chapel, and a series of doubts people have vocalized over whether or not Andrew has the drive to stay away from alcohol, the long-awaited wedding of our favorite Return to Amish stars is just around the corner.

Read on for some spoilers about Andrew and Chapel’s big day.

1. Chapel Walked Down the Aisle To A Friend’s Original Song

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Based on the pictures that have been leaked on Facebook, we can deduce that the wedding didn’t happen in traditional Amish fashion. In fact, it didn’t reflect Mennonite traditions whatsoever. A couple weeks ago, we saw Abe lose his cool with Andrew knowing that the location they chose for their wedding celebration had a bar– and drinking at an Amish wedding is a no-no.

Bustle released the news that Chapel’s friend, and a local musician named Joey Walters sang his original version of his song, The Castle and the Rose , as Chapel made her way down the aisle.

The fact that Andy is having on planning alcohol at his wedding just gives me another reason to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with him. I know with Chapel’s condition it’s going to be hard thing to do, but it’s the best thing I can do right now.

2. Matthew Bristol Made Andrew’s Suit

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(Facebook/Andrew and Chapel)

Andrew and Chapel are infamous for their rocky relationship. After Chapel found out that Andrew had slept with Rebecca, she didn’t talk to him and was seriously considering whether or not she should take him backed. But by the time Return to Amish began airing, it seemed that Chapel had changed her mind, and that Andrew proved his loyalty to Chapel, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

Last year, TLC posted an article on Breaking Amish: Los Angeles star Matthew Bristol, and documented his fashion career. Bristol joined the Mennonite faith at 7 years old, and ultimately decided to be on the show to explore what life outside of Amish culture was like. He describes his family as not being enthused by his decision to go to LA, but being very passionate about his fashion interests.

3. The Wedding Happened On May 10 In Pennsylvania

andrew and chapel marriage andre and chapel wedding

(Facebook/Andrew and Chapel)

The wedding occurred this spring in what Bustle says was a “surprisingly undramatic” ceremony. Starcasm described the wedding as a

beautiful and rustic ceremony.

4. Wedding Photos Have Been Leaked On Facebook

andrew and chapel wedding

(Facebook/Andrew and Chapel)

Check out Chapel and Andrew’s linked Facebook page here, where they’ve posted photos from their wedding.

andrew and chapel wedding

(Facebook/Andrew and Chapel)

The page has over 2,000 fans to date. In a recent post, Chapel made it clear to her fans that she was only paid $125/episode, to support her claim that she has not joined the show for any monetary compensation.

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(Facebook/Andrew and Chapel)

5. Jeremiah Got Rid of His Piercings and Returned to His Amish Roots For the Ceremony

In the preview clip for Sunday night’s episode, we see Jeremiah and Mary walking up to Andrew and Chapel’s wedding, with Jeremiah wearing traditional Amish garment. Kate asks him,

Are you actually going Amish? Or is that just for today?

And he says he is, in fact, doing it. He’s going back Amish. Sabrina and Kate seemed very skeptical that he would truly go Amish again, but it seems like Jeremiah is determined to turn his life around.